4 Signs you need a hair trim ASAP!

While having a proper hair care routine is good and all have you ever thought if it takes more than just a hair care routine to achieve stronger and healthier hair? If not, you should definitely give it a thought, in the meantime, we will be telling you all about why it is so important to have your hair trimmed every couple of months. Dead ends are something we all are well aware of; they are the damaged tips of your hair that are doing nothing to promote the growth of stronger and healthier hair. While most of us don’t like the idea of going chop-chop on our hair, especially when we have spent so much time and effort taking care of it and making it grow longer, as much as it pains us to say this, trimming your hair is the wisest thing to do. It’s better to have hair that is shorter but looks healthier and stronger instead of longer hair that is damaged from the end.
Getting regular hair trims can do your tresses a lot of good, and if you happen to have no idea about when you should get hair trims, use this article as your guide as we have listed 4 signs or indications that are basically telling you to get a hair trim asap!

The ends of your hair are severely damaged

If the ends of your hair seem to be almost nonexistent, take it as an indication that your hair needs a trim right away. Having thicker hair at the roots and very thin hair at the ends is a sign of irreparable damage caused to your hair. No matter how many conditioners, hair masks, or any other products you use, there is no other way to get your hair back to life than getting the ends of your hair trimmed. This will not only make your hair appear healthier but will also promote hair growth at the same time.

Your layers are in the exact same length as the rest of your hair

As shocking as it may sound, each section of your hair grows at a different rate. The hair around your crown can grow longer than the hair at your nape at times. If you have recently got layers in your hair, you might have noticed that your layers are catching up to the original length of your remaining hair pretty quickly. And that’s one of the signs that you need to get a hair trim asap.

Taking longer in the showers to detangle your hair

If you have been spending extra time in the shower detangling your hair, use it as an indication that you badly need a hair trim. Split-ends can cause your hair to get tangled or form knots while taking the shower and believe us, getting rid of them is no fun. Detangling your hair is not only a frustrating and painful process but it can also be a lengthy chore. Therefore, if this has been an issue for you for quite some time now, you should probably book an appointment at the hair salon to get a hair trim and to put an end to this ordeal for good.

When it’s been ages since you last got a hair trim

One of the best ways to keep your hair strong and healthy is by getting regular hair trims. You don’t always have to get your hair cut in layers or any other hairstyle; simple trims would suffice to keep your hair healthy and at the same will get rid of split-ends. Ideally, you should get hair trims every 6-8 weeks; this will ensure that your hair looks healthier while keeping the split-ends at bay.

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