5 Awful nail polish habits you need to break

Colored nails are in no way equivalent to happy nails, although they do make your hands look prettier, the damage that’s being done underneath that pretty layer can be a concerning issue. Painting the nails in those pretty and fun colors certainly add some much life to otherwise lifeless hands, and as much as we enjoy painting the nails every now and then, it’s equally important to know that certain nail polish habits can cause severe damage to your precious nails, for instance, constantly painting the nails can leave them brittle, lifeless and discolored. If you have already experienced this or want to keep it from happening to you, it’s important to learn what resulted in this or where you can go wrong.
There’s no doubt that a good manicure can instantly lift our mood and make us feel happier, but what’s even more important is to know that if you are inadvertently making certain nail polish mistakes that are sneakily harming your nails so that you can put a full stop to them.

Not giving your nails a break between polishes

If you have a habit of wearing a nail polish every day, seeing the nails naked might freak you out a bit or make you feel anxious. However, you would have to resist the urge of painting your nails as wearing a nail polish every day can leave your nails brittle over time and also weaken the nail bed, resulting in peeling nails. Therefore, you should avoid painting your nails every day and make sure to keep a gap of at least a week between nail polish applications in order to let your nails breathe.

Using too much nail polish remover

If you are addicted to wearing nail polishes, it automatically means you use a lot of nail polish remover in order to remove the previous color to apply a new one. Most nail polish removers are known to contain acetone in them, frequently using remover on your nails can make them pretty dry, which often results in peeling and in some cases, infections as well. Therefore, you should avoid painting your nails too many times, so that you don’t have to use a lot of acetone-infused remover to get rid of the nail polish. This break will allow your nails to breathe and help in increasing the normal hydration levels.

Peeling chipped nail polish

We are sure, a lot of you must be guilty of making this mistake, and while we have to agree that it can be a tempting offer to peel chipped nail polish, but in reality, it is making things worse for you. Wondering how? When you peel chipped nail polish forcefully, you also end up removing the top layer of your nail bed, leaving your nails brittle and weak. Therefore, you should either let chipped nail polish come off entirely on its own or by using a remover or you can simply apply a top coat over the polish to make it long-lasting.

Not using a base coat

Have you ever noticed some stains on your nails or do they appear discolored to you? If so, chances are you skip the base coat before painting your nails. Discolored nails can look pretty hideous, but you can prevent your nails from turning into one by using a base coat every time before wearing nail polish. It forms a protective layer between your nails and nail polish, thereby, preventing discoloration or staining.

Shaking the bottle before application

This habit doesn’t come naturally to you, it is something we have seen others doing, but you shouldn’t do it. Shaking the nail polish bottle before the application ends up creating some air bubbles in it, which on application transfer to the nail bed, making the polish look uneven. Instead of shaking the bottle, you can roll it between your hands to ensure the smooth application of nail polish.

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