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5 Differences switching to a sulfate-free hair care routine will make to your hair

5 Differences switching to a sulfate-free hair care routine will make to your hair

There has been an increased awareness about the amount of damage that is caused to the hair because of sulfate-based hair care products. Over the years of using any random hair care products, we have realized that not only ingredients found in these products are necessarily beneficial for the hair; some ingredients can be extremely harmful and damaging such as sulfate. Sulfate is commonly found in a lot of hair care products, but it is mainly used in shampoos. Although this ingredient does an amazing job of removing dirt, oil, and other impurities from your hair, it can turn out to be extremely damaging for your locks, hence you need to steer clear of all sulfate-based hair care products and adopt a sulfate-free hair care routine instead.

Switching to a sulfate-free hair care routine can completely transform your hair game; it can help make your mane feel stronger and healthier. Apart from that, there are a couple of differences that you will start noticing after switching to a sulfate-free hair care routine, and if you are curious to know about them, continue reading.


Reduced dryness

If dryness has always been an issue for you, then you might start to notice a difference post switching to a sulfate-free hair care routine. Sulfate-based shampoos tend to rob your scalp of natural oils and moisture, leaving the mane dry, brittle, and frizzy. Sulfate-free hair care products, on the other hand, not only cleanse your hair effectively but also make sure to not strip your mane of its natural oils. Hence, your hair feels happier and healthier.


Your hair looks softer and shinier

SLS-based hair care products are known to leave the hair excessively dry, and this excessive dryness often results in split ends and hair breakage. Therefore, you should switch to a sulfate-free hair care routine; it won’t only help retain the natural moisture in your locks but will also make your mane appear softer and shinier.


Prevents scalp irritation

SLS-based hair care products don’t do your hair any favor; the sooner you understand it, the better. SLS can be extremely damaging to your hair, you should completely avoid using it in order to keep your mane happy and healthy. Apart from extreme dryness and hair breakage, SLS-based hair care products also invite a lot of other hair woes such as scalp irritation and inflammation. Therefore, it’s best to switch to a sulfate-free hair care routine as it is not only a gentle way to treat your mane but also helps keep issues like irritation and inflammation at bay.


Keeps your hair color intact

Another great reason to switch to a sulfate-free hair care routine is the increased life of your hair color. Using sulfate-based hair care products for color-treated hair isn’t the wisest thing to do, it can cause your hair color to fade faster than it should, which can be quite heartbreaking. Therefore, you should include those hair care products in your hair care routine that are free of SLS and SLES. This will make sure that your hair color stays intact for a longer time.


Reduced chances of eye irritation

After coming in contact with the eyes, some hair care products, particularly sulfate-based hair cleansers, start to irritate them pretty badly. It almost feels like we will go blind if not taken care of right away. But that is not the case with sulfate-free hair care products. Even if the product comes in contact with your eyes, it won’t result in irritation or redness unlike sulfate-based hair cleansers, and that’s because these products don’t contain harsh chemicals.