5 Expert Tips That Will Help You Find The Perfect Bra

A perfect bra underneath can do wonders for your overall look and appearance. But, finding the perfect bra that fits you comfortably is quite a tough job.
It’s not that there are not many options to look at; the problem in finding the right bra is the lack of certain things that we believe are fundamentals in finding the ideal bra.
In this feed, we have compiled 5 expert tips that will help you in finding the perfect bra according to your size and shape. So, from now, whenever you buy a bra do consider these expert tips and you’ll surely find what you’ve been looking for.

Tip 1- Know Your Correct Measurements

If you know the correct measurements, you have won half the battle of finding the right bra. Most of us don’t know the correct measurements of our breast and thus end up getting a wrong and uncomfortable bra that always tends to dig into the skin.
Here, is a complete guide that you should follow to know the correct measurements.
Every website has its size chart so once you find out your size; you can refer to the chat to know the exact bra fit.
Step 1- Band Size- start measuring your under breast, the area where your bra band lies. Note down the measurement and round it off to the nearest number. For instance, if the measurement comes out to be 89.6 cm round it off to 90 cm. And, that’s your band size.
Step 2– Cup Size- take the measurement tape a little higher and measure the highest part of your bust. Make sure you’re not holding the tape too tight. Round off the measurement and here you got your cup size.
All lingerie brands have their own size chart, using these measurements and referring to the chart of the brand, you can know your fit.

Look For The Band

Now when you know your correct bra size another important part is picking the right bra. The band of the bra is really very important. Most of the support is provided by the band while the cups are there to just hold the breasts.
There are basically two types of band that usually comes in a bra.
1. Normal Band 2. Underwire
While the majority of you refrain from using the bra that comes with an underwire, but these types of bra usually provide the best support to the bust. And, thus you should always look for the bras that come with underwire.

The Band Should Not be Loose Or Tight

When you know the right band size and band type, another thing related to the band that you should know is the fit. When you’re checking the fit of the bra make sure the band is not too tight or not too loose.
If the band is loose it will make your straps slip thus giving the most uncomfortable fit. The band should be comfortable neither loose nor tight.

Right Way To Put On Bra While Checking The Fit

When you check the fit of the bra, make sure you always fasten the bra at the extreme loop. The band of the bra tends to become loose afterward. So, to know the best fit make sure you fasten both the ends at the extreme loops or to the loop next to one you usually prefer.

So, these are a few tips that will help you buy the perfect bra for you. We all have different bust so what suits your sister or friend might not suit hence, it’s better to always check the fit of the bra before buying it.

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