5 Simple Tricks To Make Your Lips Fuller

Every woman wants to have fuller and flattering lips like Angelina Jolie. We know we all have different lip shapes but that’s the power of makeup, you can create fuller lips without even undergoing lip fillers. Though the effect is temporary but you surely get a pump up in the volume of lips instantly.
If you’re looking to add a sultry effect to the lips, you have hit the right spot. In this feed, we have compiled 5 easy steps that will help you get naturally fuller lips.
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Exfoliate Your Lips

Before starting with the process it’s really important to remove all the dead skin layer from the lips. We all exfoliate our face and body but lip exfoliation is something really new for us but doing this before putting on makeup can be a real game-changer.
Exfoliation will not only remove the dead skin layer but will also make your lips soft and supple.
And, the lip exfoliation is very simple; all you have to do is-
• Take half a tablespoon of lip balm on your hands. (Prefer using pot lip balm as it’s easy to take out the lip balm)
• Add half a tablespoon of sugar to it and scrub your lips.
• Wipe it off with a damp tissue and it’s done!
You’ll surely see a great difference in the application and staying power of the lip stick after doing this.

Even Out The Lips

The next step is to even out the lips so that you get an even base free from the natural color. It’s a really important step in the guide and also helps in transferring the correct shade to the lips.
To even out the lips all you have to do is
• Take a compact powder and gently dab it on the lips.
• Make sure you’re gently dabbing it on the lips and not rubbing it.
Also, don’t go overboard and make your lips turn out to be super chalky.

Line Your Lips

Lining your lips is very crucial if you want to get fuller lips. Some of us don’t prefer lining our lips daily but this step can make a huge difference to the volume of the lips.
What does a lip liner do?
Putting in simple words, lip liner draws a boundary for the lip shade and enhances the natural shape of the lips. When applying lip shade, you don’t have to go out of the boundary.
And, thus it’s a really important step when you want to get fuller lips.
• Whatever lip shade you apply, the lip liner should be of the closet match to that.
• Gently outline the lips according to the natural lip shade.
Make sure you’re using gentle strokes and not going over the top while filling the lips.

Apply The Lip Color

Now comes the soul part of the whole guide.
• After lining your lips, it’s time to paint your lips bold and fuller.
• Pick your favorite shade and start putting it from the center of the lips and then going towards the outer corners.
• After applying the lip shade, if you want you can also use sheer lip gloss to render shine to the lips.
If you’re using liquid lip shades, make sure to wipe off the excess first. Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to work outside the boundary.

So, this is what you need to do to get fuller lips. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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