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80s Fashion trends that feel just as relevant in 2020

80s Fashion trends that feel just as relevant in 2020

The 80s fashion has a different fan base, it might not be the same as the 90s fashion, but it certainly has been gaining some steam this year. Vintage finds are a very special part of our wardrobes, they are not just the pieces forwarded to us from our mothers or grandmothers, but they are also the pieces that define the 80s fashion that introduced the masses to a plethora of chic and cool finds. While not every trend from this decade is worth discussing, let alone including it in the wardrobe, there are a couple of trends from the 80s that are gaining a certain momentum in the fashion industry.
Several 90s-inspired fashion articles keep getting introduced on the runways year after year, this year, it was the 80s fashion that caught our attention, hence, we thought of highlighting some of the important trends from this era in order to introduce them to the modern audiences. If you consider yourself retro at heart, this article is all you need to read as we got some really amazing 80s trends for you that look equal parts chic and cool even after all these years.

Boxy blazers

You can never go wrong with having too many blazers in your wardrobe. Blazers are easily one of the most sorted clothing pieces to have in your wardrobe; they instantly pull the whole look together and make the ensemble look more polished and cohesive. And when it comes to 80s fashion, boxy shoulders were quite popular during that time. Blazers with shoulders pads especially look amazing when sported with a dress or any bottom.

Tailored jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have gained immense popularity in the recent few years, they were also one of the 80s fashion staples that made dressing up so much easier. The best part about jumpsuits is they can instantly make anyone look super chic and stylish. You won’t have to do much to make this outfit look fashionable, its tailored fitting and chic appeal would do all the job. Additionally, jumpsuits can also make an individual look taller than they originally are, and that certainly is a huge advantage for petite girls.

Statement tights

Another fabulous trend from the 80s to make it on our list is the statement hosiery aka tights that is still widely used by fashion women from around the world. Aside from making the outfit feel whole, tights also used to add some happening feel to the outfit, making you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s colored or patterned, tights have this amazing knack for making even the simplest outfit look more put together and stylish. You can either match the color of your tights with your outfit, or you can simply pick the flattering polka dots hose to give your outfit a needed upgrade.


The 80s is to be thanked for the existence of scrunchies. They are easily one of the biggest trends of the year, wherever you see, you will spot scrunchies in all different styles, colors, patterns, and whatnot. During the 80s, much like the hose, you could also match your scrunchies with your outfits according to its color, it was deemed cool then, and it still feels relevant somehow. Today, you can find scrunchies in a plethora of amazing options, and you don’t have to settle for just one or two scrunchies, have as many of them as you like, because you can’t have too many of them. Aside from using them to tie your hair, you could also wear them on your wrist to add cool vibes to the look and also to keep it handy for an impromptu hairstyle change.