A Detailed Guide On First Day At College Makeup Look

First Day at college is really very special and is the day to mark an impression. Since it’s your first day and you’re not in the school anymore, you’re free to do makeup and make yourself look great.
Here, in the feed, we have compiled a detailed guide on how to do a natural makeup look for the first day at college. If you want to crack the college makeup look, well, then keep on reading!

Prep Your Skin

The first step has to be prepping your skin. Even if you’re doing a natural makeup look prepping your skin is very important. Here, is all you have to do to prepare your skin for the further steps-
Cleaning your face- cleaning your face is the initial step in every skincare regime. It’s really crucial to start with a clean face that is free from dirt, grime, and oil.
Toner- to make sure your skin is squeaky clean toner is a must and toner also minimizes the appearance of large pores.
Sheet Mask- let’s make the prepping a bit fancy by infusing hydration and natural glow to the skin and for that sheet mask is what you’ll need. Apply a sheet mask for about 15 minutes and massage the serum onto the skin to get a hydrated and glowing complexion.
Moisturize- the next and the most important step is to moisturize your skin before starting with anything else. Moisturizer makes sure everything you use blends nicely to the skin.


The next thing is to apply a light base. The light base will give a youthful appearance to the skin with a bit of coverage. Since it’s an everyday makeup look, avoid using heavy foundations instead prefer using light-weight BB creams that won’t make you feel heavy and also will not clog your pores.
• Take a small amount and dot it all over the face.
• Now with the help of a damp beauty blender blend it nicely to the skin.
• If you need extra coverage you can apply a little more.
Keep in mind blending is the key in the natural makeup look and you have to do that nicely.

Fill Your Brows

Brows play an important role in enhancing the natural makeup look. If your eyebrows need to be trimmed get them trimmed and fill them with light strokes. Make sure you’re using light feathery strokes to fill your brows and not over-doing it. As over-done eyebrows can make you look mature.
When you’re picking the shade, always look for the shade lighter than your natural shade to get a natural effect.

Set Everything At Place

Once, the base is applied and eyebrows are done, the next step is to set the base so that it doesn’t budge throughout the day. College days can be pretty long and thus setting your base is what will keep it throughout.
Use a translucent powder to set the base. The translucent powder will not leave any whitish cast.

Focus On The Eyes

For the natural makeup look, avid using eyeshadow, and let’s keep the eyes simple. Just apply coats of mascara to make your eyes pop out. If you want you can also use eyeliner or kajal, whatever you like.


For the lips, apply a tinted lip balm and you’re good to go. For the college look, we won’t recommend you doing contouring as contouring would not give the natural and youthful look. However, if you want you can do contouring.
So, this is how you can get ready for the first day of your college and also follow this for the rest of your college life, we hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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