Alternatives to Denim Jeans for a Clean Girl Look

Are you bored of denim jeans and want to try something new? Something that you can wear as an alternative to regular denim jeans. There are so many other clothes that you can pair with your tops and create some lovely outfits. Jeans are regular and a staple piece of clothing in the wardrobe. But sometimes it is nice to have a change from the jeans and try something new. There are various options that you can try and make some chic and elegant outfits with them. You can go in some skirts and shorts and several pairs of trousers instead of denim jeans. Also, these options are better when the weather is either too hot or humid. Give a look at the list below and know about alternative options.

Jeans Alternatives for a Clean Girl Look

1: Denim skirt

Denim skirt

If you are looking for an alternative to denim jeans then you can go with the option of denim skirts. These skirts are trendy and fashionable and make you look great. They are stylish and go well with different tops making them an ideal substitute for jeans. These skirts are great to be worn in summers and you can also style them in cold weather. There are different styles of denim skirts that you can get. Style them up and have a fashionable look.

2: Trousers


Relaxed trousers are a great alternative to denim jeans. Denim jeans can get a bit uncomfortable in certain weather but these relaxed trousers would be comfortable to wear and move around. These are not only comfy and cozy but they are also very stylish and elegant. You can style these trousers in a casual style by pairing them with a loose t-shirt or can pair them with a nice tank top. You can style it in a dressy or semi-formal attire with a shirt or blazer. There are several tops and shirts that you can pair and several clothes that you can layer the outfit with.

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3: Paperbag shorts

Paperbag shorts

If you are looking for jeans alternatives in summer, you can check these cute and stylish shorts known as paperbag shorts. These are chic shorts that can be paired with tank tops, shirts, crop tops, and body suits. These are great to be worn when you are going out for a walk or when you are at a beach, or even for daily casual wear. Good-quality paperbag shorts can be styled for a dressy or a semi-formal look.

4: Miniskirts


Miniskirts are trending and are popular among people. These skirts are stylish and can be styled in various ways. These are a great alternative to denim jeans. You can style these mini-skirts with a variety of tops and create so many outfits. You can get some casual miniskirts for your daily wear and can go with some shimmery and stylish ones for parties and other occasions. Pair the look with some long boots or heels and voila you are ready.

5: Skort


Another alternative to jeans can be a skort. The skort is a mix of shorts and skirts, hence the name. Here you get a skirt that has stitched shorts with it. These skorts provide more comfortable movement and allow you to feel stylish. These skorts are back in trend and the most famous ones are the pleated skorts. Pleated skirts are trending and with them now is the time for pleated skorts. You can pair these skorts with a crop top or tank top and create a nice outfit. Pair some nice footwear with them and complete the look.


These options can work perfectly as alternatives to denim jeans. You can style your outfits with these given options or can go for some other options and look for them. There are so many ways you can style up and make things work as an alternative to jeans. You need to look for things that make you look chic and stylish and provide you with confidence and comfort. You can always wear denim jeans, they are a staple in every wardrobe and looks great and create some amazing styles. You can work with different kinds of styles and mix different aesthetics together as well to make a nice look.

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