Amazing benefits of using witch hazel for the skin

Native to the United States, witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is a shrub that’s been used by Native Americans for centuries. It is largely used in a myriad of skincare products and teas, and that can be attributed to its excellent properties. Considering witch hazel does a wonderful job of soothing sensitive skin and calming inflammation, it is used as a core ingredient in several skincare products that can be applied topically to treat skin and scalp infections.

Witch hazel contains a lot of skin-benefiting properties; its soothing and healing properties are two of its best ones. Apart from skincare products, witch hazel is also used as one of the main ingredients in several DIY treatments to deal with different skin woes. But here’s one thing to keep in mind, witch hazel doesn’t suit all skin types and concerns, you have to exercise a lot of caution while using this ingredient.

Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best benefits of using witch hazel for the skin.

Tightens your pores

The collagen content in our skin starts to reduce as we age, and that results in saggy skin. If you are also dealing with this situation, then here’s an easy solution to this problem. Including witch hazel in your skincare routine will definitely help you with this issue, and that’s because witch hazel contains astringent properties that help tighten and shrink the pores temporarily. After cleansing, apply witch hazel all over your face using a cotton ball, and it will help to tighten your pores.

Minimizes acne and oil production

The biggest struggle of having oily skin is managing the oil produced by the skin. In addition to making your skin appear excessively shiny, the excess oil also ends up clogging the pores, which further results in acne. While using a face wash or cleanser formulated for oily skin definitely helps to keep the oil in check, following it up with witch hazel can be even more advantageous as it won’t only help make your skin feel deeply cleansed but will also prevent excess oil production.

Soothes skin irritation

Witch hazel’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent ingredient to soothe and calm skin irritation. This property is the reason why witch hazel is commonly found in ointments that are formulated to treat skin conditions like eczema, diaper rashes, etc. The topical application of witch hazel can provide quick and long-lasting relief, therefore, if you are dealing with any kind of skin irritation, you should consider using witch hazel unless it is an open wound.

Keeps skin from getting damaged

As we age, our natural skin barrier becomes quite weak, and that puts our skin at great risk of getting damaged due to several external factors such as UV rays, pollutants, etc. It’s essential to offer extra protection to your skin against these harmful factors, and that’s where witch hazel comes into the picture. Since witch hazel is loaded with tannins, it helps to strengthen the skin barrier and therefore provides protection to your skin against these harmful substances. Apart from that, witch hazel is also known to neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals, which in turn, slows down the aging process.

Soothes and relieves sunburns

The harmful rays of the sun can be extremely damaging to the skin, it not only accelerates the aging process but also results in sunburn. Since witch hazel contains anti-inflammatory properties, it helps offer relief and also provides a cooling effect. Just make sure to keep applying witch hazel from time to time to soothe and heal the skin faster.

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