Amazing makeup tricks every lazy girl needs to know

Makeup is a complex territory; it can be especially complicated for those who don’t like to spend hours doing their makeup. There are girls who can spend hours perfecting their makeup, and then there come the lazy girls who never like the idea of spending more than a couple of minutes to do their makeup. Just because the latter category doesn’t like to spend too much time doing their makeup, it doesn’t mean they are against the idea of doing makeup or they shouldn’t do it. If you consider yourself a bit lazy when it comes to doing your makeup but at the same time want your makeup to look good, then we have got some genius makeup tricks for you.

No matter if you are heading to an event or a night out with your girl gang, you can still look like an absolute diva without spending hours doing your makeup. It’s just about learning a couple of key makeup looks that can make you look all glam and grab a viewer’s attention easily.

We have listed 4 ingenious makeup tricks that will help you get ready for the next party or event you attend in a jiffy.


A statement pout

When in doubt, sport a statement pout. You can never really go wrong with a statement pout, it is probably the easiest way to jazz up your look and add loads of spice to your ensemble. On days when you want to sport a glam look, you can rock a statement pout to do the trick for you. To be able to nail a statement pout, you will need to keep a couple of bold and bright lipstick colors handy. Swiping a bright and bold lipstick shade across your lips will instantly liven up your face. Moreover, a bold lipstick can single-handedly manage to make you look all glammed-up; you might not even need any other makeup product when sporting a statement pout.


Glitter eyeshadow

Another excellent way to spruce up your look without putting in too much effort or trying too hard is by rocking a pigmented glitter eyeshadow. Using a pigmented glitter eyeshadow is an incredible way to make your eye makeup the focal point of your look. You can wear glitter eyeshadow in any color of your choice, just make sure to keep the rest of your look pretty simple to let your eye makeup be the focus of your entire look, a nude pout and little blush will do the job. Also, don’t forget to use mascara to make your eyes look even prettier.


Graphic eyeliner

Graphic eyeliners were everywhere in 2020, they were one of the hottest makeup trends, and luckily enough, it will continue to reign in 2021 as well. Graphic eyeliners are a cooler and chicer take on a simple eyeliner look. They can add a certain level of visual interest and chic factor to the look without looking out-there. Additionally, you have all the freedom to experiment with different colors and textures when it comes to creating a graphic eyeliner look.


Monochrome makeup

A monochrome makeup look is probably one of the easiest and simplest ways to add a little bit of spice to your look. In this makeup look, you don’t need to use different kinds of makeup products, you can easily create a stunning makeup look using just one makeup product- a lip and cheek tint. You can use this product as your eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush. This makeup look is perfect for those women who don’t like using too many products and like to keep their makeup simple yet gorgeous.

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