Amazing tips for dressing for an October wedding

Although June is the most popular month for the wedding season, there’s another month in the year that remains equally popular among couples for planning their wedding ceremonies and that is none other than October. With a slight dip in the temperature, making the weather nice and crisp, and the leaves changing their color, all these factors collectively certainly blossom the romance and make the whole vibe perfect to plan an intimate ceremony with close friends and family.
If you are someone who has a wedding to attend in October and still have no idea how to dress as a guest, fret not, we are here to guide you. Although we have to agree that dressing up in such weather when days can be too cold to slip into a slip dress can be a bit tricky, there are some other ways you can make yourself appear as a stylish guest without having to freeze yourself in frigid weather. To make dressing up for an October wedding easy for you, we have listed some tips that will ensure that you make a stylish entry to the wedding.

Pick your outfit in jewel tones

When it comes to picking the color of your outfit, don’t stick to basic and safe colors like black or pink, keep your approach a little bold and opt for an outfit in a jewel tone. Nothing screams fall louder than rich jewel tones, some shades like bold reds, purples, and oranges are excellent options to consider. The bold red color is especially trending at the moment, it oozes sultry and chic vibes, which is just the perfect amount of style quotient you need to have in your outfit. Jewel colors in all ranges make for the perfect choice for formal occasions like weddings; they instantly make any outfit feel more elevated.

Trade your open-toe shoes for closed-toe shoes

Shoes are a crucial part of any outfit; they basically pull the whole look together and give it some definition. And since it gets pretty chilly during October, open-toe shoes don’t prove to be a practical choice and neither do those strappy sandals as they are pretty much out of style. Additionally, open toe shoes can appear less dressy, and the only best option you have with you right now is the closed-toe shoes, which is not only a practical choice but they also look more formal and dressier than any other pair in your closet. You can either opt for pumps or buy yourself a pair of statement shoes.

Carry an elegant sweater or sleek scarf with your outfit


The last thing you want is to get sick after the wedding. If the wedding happens to fall on a day when the weather is too cold to be wearing just the dress alone, you must make sure to bring along an elegant sweater or a sleek scarf with you. Your outerwear should never be an afterthought during October weddings. If it gets too cold or the party moves outside, a sleek scarf/shawl or a sweater will come in super handy.

Opt for a luxe fabric

The fabric of the dress matters as much as the color of the outfit. Although every person has different preferences when it comes to choosing the fabric, there’s this one fabric that is a universal go-to for fall weddings, which happens to be none other than luxe fabrics. Luxe fabrics basically include satin, velvet, silk, and lace, which looks incredibly amazing in rich jewel tones. Aside from feeling dressier and chic, these fabrics also make the outfit look more elevated and on-trend. You can find these dresses in so many amazing designs, stick to the one that looks more flattering on you.

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