Ankle boot trends that are having a major fashion moment

With boots being one of the most imperative parts of the fall closet, it’s important to have the right pairs in your collection as they hold the ability to make or break any outfit. While pointed-toe black ankle boots are the go-to pair for almost every woman during fall, they sometimes feel too safe. As much as we love having this classic pair around owing to its versatility and timeless appeal, trying out a pair of boots that’s on-trend gives the outfit a very forward feel. Just like every year, a few ankle boot trends have been introduced to the audience this year, with some of them emerging to be the biggest trends of the season. And if you are curious to know about what all those key silhouettes are, make sure to take a look at the article below and find out the ankle boot trends that will be everywhere this fall.

Square-toe boots

It was only recently when the square-toe shape was reintroduced in the fashion industry, even after all this time, the craze for this silhouette hasn’t diminished even a bit, and that can be attributed to the forward feel of this shape that instantly makes the outfit look a lot more stylish and current. You can expect to see them in so many chic iterations, with their heels being the focal point of the look.

Biker boots

For those looking to add some edge and fierceness to the ensemble, a pair of biker boots would do the job quite amazingly. Biker boots have always been in style, they were quite popular in 2019, and they are even more popular this year, 2020. There’s something about this boot trend that it easily manages to grab the attention and steal the thunder of any other pair of footwear. This characteristic of biker boots can be put to good use by sporting it with your fall outfits to add a touch of edginess to it and make it look chicer and hotter. Instead of opting for basic biker boots, look for the ones that feature buckle details, chunky shapes, and brass hardware.

Lace-up boots

Another pair of ankle boots to make it on our list is the lace-up boots. It is an excellent choice for people who want their boots to be more practical, at the same look chic and forward. The lace-up detailing lends extra support to the feet, which makes walking a lot easier, but that’s not the only thing you can expect out of this pair, this detailing also add an uber-cool and chic aesthetic to an otherwise basic pair of boots. Whether you wear them with your dress or jeans, this pair will add a touch of flair and refinement to the outfit.

White booties


While black is the most versatile and classic color of all, this color sometimes feels too safe. If you keep yourself open to the idea of experimenting with other colors, you should definitely consider adding a white pair of booties to your collection. White can look super classy, and it certainly adds a sense of sophistication to any outfit. A white pair of boots would make for an excellent alternative for other neutral-colored boots in your closet. Whether plain or detailed, white booties would look equally chic either way.

Bright boots

For those who are open to experimenting, a bright and bold pair of boots would actually serve as a statement piece that will give your outfit the needed boost whilst also adding a splash of color to it. While neutral colors are the most versatile and safest picks, bright and bold pair of boots looks quite chic and eye-catching that adds an eclectic vibe to the outfit. Sporting boots in brightly colored silhouettes will give your outfit a new dimension. From greens and pinks to blues and yellows, you can easily find them in a variety of fabulous options.

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