Beauty trends that should be left behind in 2020

Much like fashion trends, we get to discover a bunch of new beauty trends every year. Some beauty trends leave quite an impression; the others just fail to impress the audience and often leave them confused. We have witnessed an endless number of beauty trends over the years, with each one being different from another. While some beauty trends get to move forward with us to the next year, some trends are left behind for good reasons.

2020 wasn’t the best year in terms of both fashion and beauty, but we still got to witness a couple of beauty trends emerging on the internet. While some beauty trends were exciting enough to give them a try ASAP, there were a few that didn’t really leave a lasting impression; therefore, it’s best to leave them behind in 2020 only. Starting afresh is a great way to make a difference in your life and commence the year on a good note. If you consider yourself a beauty enthusiast or believe in following the beauty trends, then you should definitely leave the following beauty trends behind in 2020.

Heavy contouring

When done right, contouring can make a huge difference to your look, but it’s also quite easy to go wrong with contouring. While contouring is a great way to make your face look more structured, going overboard with it will only make it seem unnatural, no matter how amazing your blending skills are. Instead of going overboard with contouring, you should try keeping it subtle and not harsh. You should leave the idea of heavy contouring behind and take forward with you the idea of contouring your face subtly.

Brown lipstick

This 90s beauty trend made a comeback in 2020, we just couldn’t get ourselves to like this trend enough to bring it forward with us to 2021. Unlike other 90s beauty trends, this one didn’t manage to win us over. It’s better if we leave this trend behind in 2020 only and not take it forward with us to 2021. If you were planning to purchase brown lipstick, you should drop that plan.

Adding too much highlighter

‘Dip yourself in highlighter’, you don’t have to take this literally. While highlighter is one of the best things to have happened to the beauty world, it doesn’t mean you can use it in any amount you fancy. The idea behind this product is to add a natural and lit-from-within glow to your face. Adding too much highlighter to your skin won’t do you any good; in fact, it will only make your skin look oily and might also ruin your pictures. If you want to take that risk, then go ahead and apply as much highlighter as you want, but if not, then you should stick to applying just a tiny amount of highlighter on the high points of your face.

Overdrawn lips

In greed to make your lips look pouty and fuller, you might end up making them look disastrous by overdrawing them. Don’t be fooled by the pictures of overdrawn lips you see on Instagram, they only look good in pictures, in real life, they can look disastrous. Lip liners are designed to help you enhance the natural shape of your lips and not to create fake lips. There’s an easy and more practical way to achieve plump lips, and that can be achieved by using lip plumpers.

Faux freckles

There’s no denying the fact that freckles are beautiful, and women born with freckles should embrace them gracefully and not hide them under the layers of makeup. But women who are not born with freckles and like to fake them using makeup should ditch this trend right here. Faux freckles may look good in pictures, but they definitely don’t look the best in real life.

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