Best ways to nurse your nails back to health after removing acrylics

Acrylic nails have seen a sudden surge in its popularity in the recent few years, and that can be attributed to its ability to last longer and always manage to look pretty and chic, no matter the size, color, and nail art option. Changing your nails every week can be too much hassle, and that’s where acrylic nails come into the picture. And as much as we love the idea of having long, pretty artificial nails for about two to three weeks, the thought of having thin, brittle, and parched nails can be quite dreadful as it’s your natural nails that are getting harmed.
While when or how often to get acrylic nails is a choice that you need to make, the most important thing we can help you with is how you can take care of your natural nails once you have removed the acrylics. While it’s not easy to switch back to natural nails, it might make you feel better knowing that taking a break from acrylic would be beneficial for your nail’s health. If you are ready to take the plunge and have decided to remove the acrylics, this article will prove to be quite useful as we have listed some ways on how you can improve your nail’s health.

Cuticle oil

One of the easiest ways to strengthen and nourish your nails is by massaging them with cuticle oil. You should make it a habit to apply cuticle oil on your nails as well as cuticles and massage them for a couple of few minutes every day. You can either invest in cuticle oil, or you can use vitamin E and olive oil. Both of them are enriched with essential vitamins that help in nourishing and strengthening your nails. After taking a few drops of cuticle oil on the palm, you can use it to massage your nails for a couple of minutes.

Indulge in regular manicure sessions

Manicures can be extremely beneficial for the health of your nails, especially when done regularly. It can help in bringing your nails back to health, but that is only possible if you indulge in regular manicure sessions. You can either get a manicure at your favorite salon, or you can choose to do it at home, which is a more economical option. Dip your fingers in a bowl filled with water, massage them gently with the help of scrub in order to sleigh off the dead skin cells, and you will be good to go.

Keep the length of your nails short

If you have had acrylics before and have attempted to grow your natural nails after getting the acrylics removed, you know very well how it goes. Since your nails get quite brittle and thin because of the acrylics, they end up breaking because of how weak they become. Therefore, you should keep your nails short until your natural nails have grown out. Patience is the key; so, don’t be in hurry to grow your nails. Also, you should avoid painting your nails until they become healthy again.

Include nutrient-rich foods in your diet

Your skin and hair aren’t the only things that get affected by your diet, your nails do too. While taking external care of your nails and hydrating them are two of the most important things to do, you can also consider making a few changes in your diet in order to make your nails stronger and healthy again. You can include nutrient-rich foods in your diet as they promote nail strengthening. Avocados, sweet potatoes, nuts, eggs, seeds, fish are some of the best examples of nutrient-rich foods.

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