Celebrity Fashion Trends that Took Off This Year

Celebrity Fashion Trends

Celebrities are the first ones to try something new or start a trend. No matter what they wear, it soon becomes a trend with time. This year, too, many celebrities were seen with new ordinary looks. Many people get inspired by their looks and try them in their everyday lives. Celebrity fashion trends always stand out and become the most talked-about pieces. Fast fashion brands are also very quick to copy these and incorporate such styles in their new collections. People who cannot afford luxurious brands buy from these fast fashion brands and hence a trend emerges. So, now let’s talk about some of the fashion pieces that are trending.

Trendy Fashion Pieces of 2023

1. Chunky Boots

Chunky Boots

Many celebrities were seen rocking chunky boots with platforms in their outfits. These boots look chic and add an edge to any ensemble. They are easy to carry and go mostly with everything, you can pair them with jeans for a casual look or even style them with a slip dress for an edgy party look. You can also choose chunky boots with different colored outsole to add a pop of color to your outfit.

2. Normcore Caps

Normcore Caps

It was all about caps this year, many celebrities both male and female were seen out and about in the city completing their looks with normcore caps. These caps obviously protect you from the sun but also give you a casual look. Their style capacity is not limited to some outfits, you can style them with anything, anywhere, and anytime.

3. Baggy jeans

Baggy jeans

After the covid-19 pandemic no one could get into their skinny jeans hence big baggy jeans came into the picture and now we just can’t get rid of them. Baggy jeans have evolved from straight-fit jeans and have taken the fashion industry by storm because now after seeing many celebrities wear them in their day-to-day outfits, everyone is getting a pair for themselves. This year is all about big, baggy jeans. These jeans give you an effortless look and are easily pairable with everything.

4. Sky-High Platforms

Sky-High Platforms

Famous celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo and Ariana Grande were seen wearing towering platforms that easily elevated their going out look. Many celebrities are on board for platforms as they are easy to carry as compared to pencil or block heels. These can be styled for parties or dinner night outs with friends. It is a smart move to style sky-high platforms to elevate a simple bodycon or slip dress, given that heavy footwear adds an edge to any ensemble.

5. Elevated Puffers

Elevated Puffers

Who thought that puffers can be dressy, but many celebrities’ outfits have proved this wrong. Many celebs have been spotted styling their puffers on different occasions including the red carpet. Just pair it with more underrated, simple and sleek clothing so that your puffer is the attention of your whole outfit and you maintain a balance between each piece of clothing that you are wearing.

6. Vests


Vests are no longer old-timey and instead can be seen worn by celebrities all over the internet. Be it a sweater vest or a suit vest they make you look sophisticated and casual both at the same time. Pair your cropped vests with trousers, jeans, skirts, and combat boots in an effortless way to look cool. Accessories your outfit with sunglasses and a tote bag to complete the look.

7. Y2K Shades

Y2K Shades

Great outfits need great accessorizing otherwise they are incomplete. Y2K shades are back and are even cooler than ever. This is the sunglasses trend from the 2000s and that’s what makes it so popular and trendy. Pair your Y2K shades with Juicy Couture sweats, vintage-styled jeans, mini skirts, or anything back from the 2000s and they will complement your outfit and give it a punch.

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These pieces are in trend at this time of the year. Celebrities were seen rocking these pieces from head to toe. They are all the most talked-about pieces in fashion at this time. Experiment with fashion by styling these pieces in your own way. Look up to runway models and celebrities, as they are among the first people to get their hands on designer pieces and set a trend. Whether they wear vests, baggy jeans, puffers or Chunky boots, stars set the standards for fashion this year. More than half of 2023 has passed away and we have come across many diverse fashion trends during the year till now. Let’s see what more we get to see in fashion in the remaining year.

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