Stepping in Style: How to Choose the Perfect Heels for Every Occasion

The Ultimate Heels Handbook

When thinking about heels most people get deja vu of painful memories but what if we say heels can be comfortable yet still be heels? We all know you can wear heels with practically every outfit. They boost confidence and give an overall push to your whole outfit. Whether you are a beginner who is just looking to experiment with heels or a heels enthusiast we have covered each type to fit your style. There are many types of heels available each to fit a different occasion knowing which suits are important and can play an important role in completing your overall look. We’ll assist you in sorting through the many varieties while determining which to wear and when so that you’re always prepared for any occasion.

Choose the Perfect Heels:

1. Block Heels:

Block Heels

Block heels are known for the comfort they provide while giving a trendy and stylish look. They are ankle-supportive and are ideal to wear for both day and night. Block heels have a wider coverage of the ground and are shaped in a square base to provide better balance and steadiness. These heels, having better coverage provide ankle support and minimise the chances of spraining your ankle, thus as a result are safe and comfortable to wear.

2. Ankle Strap Heels:

Ankle Strap Heels

Strappy heels have stayed in the trend for a long while and will be here to dominate the heel market for a while more. Strappy heels are often worn with pretty sunny dresses, to give off an aesthetic overall appeal but you can also wear them at Parties and night outs with the right choice of clothing. These heels have ankle straps that can assist in securing the back of your heel in place and stop it from rising or slipping out of the shoe while you walk—a problem that many other heel types share.

3. Stiletto Heels:

Stiletto Heels

Stiletto heels are the most famous and widely used heels, they are easily identifiable by their extremely tall, pointed, and thin heels. These heels can give you the perfect ‘it’ look however most people find them a little difficult to walk in because of their thin heels which result in less ground coverage. However, they can prove to be the perfect pair of heels after a little practice.

4. Kitten Heels:

Kitten Heels

As the name suggests, kitten heels are cute little heels that serve both looks and comfort. These heels have less height and provide a casual yet chic look. They come in various styles like closed-toe, peep-toe, pumps, sandals, and more. Because of their low height, they are known to give comfort and are also easier to walk in. Perfect for the people who like heels but do not like the disadvantages associated with them.

5. Pumps:


Pumps are another widely worn heels, that suits both casual and formal looks. They are appropriate for a workplace and serve a timeless look. Pumps have a typically closed-toe design with high heels, which provides a classy and elegant look. They go on with many outfits be it dresses, suits, or jeans.

6. Convertible:


Another type of heel that is very much in trend is the convertible heel. These innovative heels have the capacity to turn heels into flats within seconds. Their easy transition from daytime business to evening gatherings, or even the ability to change up your look mid-day if the mood strikes, make them the ideal choice.

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Bottom line:

Select the right kind of heels for the right occasion all the while putting comfort as a priority. Heels are versatile and can go with many outfits, be they casual or formal, so go for the ones that are all-rounders. High heels may range from fashionable looking to comfort-seeking or they can even meet in the middle ground and be both. Choose the appropriate ones according to your comfort and requirements. Heels are also believed to improve posture and make the legs look more toned. So stride confidently wearing heels, and walk anywhere like you own the world.

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