Classic coat trends that will serve you for years to come (10 years from now)

Coats are a huge part of fall and winter wardrobe. They basically act as the foundation of the wardrobe and lend your outfits much more than just functionality. While the main purpose of these coats is to keep you from getting cold, they also contribute to adding a touch of flair and forward vibe to the outfit and make the whole attire look cohesive and nicely put together. While coats are an indispensable part of the fall wardrobe, it’s also worth noting that trends keep changing year after year, and coat trends are no exception. However, how would you feel if we told you that there are a few coat trends that can sustain you for 10 years from today? Quite shocking right? But that’s the truth whether you believe it or not. Although it’s not officially the coat season yet, considering the coats in question are not just for this season but also for the next 10 years from today, we thought of sharing them with you so that you don’t toss them aside thinking they won’t be in style the next year.
Without any further delay, let’s take a look at some of the coat trends that will serve you for years to come.

Military-inspired coats

A military-inspired coat is the first one to make it on our list. Call it elegant, classy, sophisticated, or anything you want, the endless appeal associated with this coat is convincing enough for us to make it a part of our wardrobe and not to let go of it for as long as possible. Whether worn with dresses, a pair of jeans, or trousers, a military-inspired coat looks incredibly amazing with fall outfits. When it comes to buying one for yourself, you can never go wrong with a classic black coat.

Coats with shearling trim

Coats with shearling trim are one of the most popular trends of all. They look incredibly cozy and warm, which not only works favorably for you by keeping your body warm but also adds a touch of flair and some texture to the outfit. You can find this coat in a variety of styles, some coats feature shearling detailing just on the collars while the other few features it on the outline of the coat, pockets, etc.

Plaid coats

Plaid coats are arguably one of the best types of coats to have in your wardrobe. They can help to elevate your fashion game and make your outfit look more put together in an instant. Also, plaid coats are quite versatile in nature; they can be styled in a multitude of ways. The easiest way to make this coat look all the more chic and dressier is to team it up with a pair of boots.

Leopard-print coats

Nothing can beat the chic appeal of leopard-print coats. They look uber chic, stylish, forward, and at the same time lend a very timeless and classic appeal to the outfit. Additionally, leopard print coats are quite statement-making pieces; they can make any outfit look stylish and captivating in no time. This print tends to work incredibly well with certain pieces in your wardrobe such as leather separates, jeans, and trousers.

Trench coats

Fall/winter without trench coats just feels so incomplete. They are easily one of the most functional types of coats to have in your wardrobe that tend to come in super handy on more than just one occasion. But trench coats don’t always have to be entirely functional; they can be chic and stylish too. You can find this coat in a plethora of fabulous options, stick to the style and material that serves the purpose, and at the same time gives your outfit a needed boost.

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