Clothing Pieces to Use During Thanksgiving

Clothing Pieces to Use During Thanksgiving

We like to indulge in impulsive shopping every once in a while and to impress our pockets even further, we never begin putting them to use. Here we will be looking at what clothing items and pieces you can utilize this Thanksgiving so the vibe remains positive and heartening despite their haphazard existence in your wardrobe. The clothing pieces that now sit in your closet rent-free looking all cute and flimsy need to be brought out so that your glam quotient remains high with all those clothes!

Read on how to style these clothes in the best ways possible so that they are utilized in creative ways!

  1. Scarves

If you have some eccentric scarves left in the closet that you have not utilized for years or that you found interesting but couldn’t pair with any of the dresses you have, then you can use them with black dresses or white dresses as scarves as they are and you can also use the same as belts around the waist. Apart from these two utilities, the scarves can be used on the dining table and sewed as placemats or table mats.



  1. Stalls

Old fabric stalls with different textures and fabric materials are great ways to build your floor mats or table mats. Stalls are pretty big, which means that they can be made into tiny curtains or pillowcases as well as simple rugs for use in the kitchen. In addition to that, the different fabrics help bring more color to the kitchen. Use them for covering loaves of bread and food on the Thanksgiving table.



  1. Mesh Fabric

If you have spare mesh fabric left in your closet that you planned to get styled into clothes sometime in the future, then Thanksgiving is the time when you can get some things tangled. You can use them as curtains, layering tablecloths, or making some tops and dresses that will look fabulous on you. The mesh can be done into towels and scrubs too for bathing purposes. Neutral and earthy-colored mesh can be combined to make layers in curtain work.

mesh fabric


  1. Pendants

Do you still have those gaudy necklaces and pendants that look fabulous when you hold them but are quite confusing as to where they fit and why? Take those pendants out and make space for these items in your décor space. Do you have statues laying here and there? See if these statues and sculptures can embrace your eccentric choice of accessories and nullify the wild impact together well. With these ideas, you can proceed with using different gems of the pendants on the Thanksgiving table as pieces of décor.



  1. Old Dresses

If you have random dresses with you that you haven’t used in years but have stayed close to your heart, then the time is ripe for making someone else enjoy your beautiful choice. Take out significant portions from the old fabric and make cutesy dresses for needy little children or sew them back to your fit or for your kids. In addition to that, you may like to cut out your favorite part and use them somewhere else.

old dresses

With these ideas coming your way, you can put to use some stale yet fabulous pieces of styling. But the ways suggested are not just for putting on the body but also for décor. Now let your guests wonder what went where and if you went out of your way to get this amazing piece in your hands for the purpose shown.  For décor, you need to think creatively, always. In addition to that, one item is never restricted to only one purpose. Add some glitter to your fashion and décor quotient.

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