Colorful liners that can create stunning graphic eye makeup

stunning graphic eye makeup

There are so many different kinds of trending looks that you can go with and create a stunning look for yourself. Several different types of makeup trends go on around and people try them and make new looks. Here we are going to talk about the popular graphic eye makeup that is ruling the trends and are now adorned by a lot of people. There are just so many different ways you can use eyeliner on your eyes and create a wonderful look with it. You can go with some stunning double liner looks and come with multi-color liner looks. To create some vibrant and stunning graphic liner designs and to elevate your eye makeup, you can use some colored liners on your eyes.
Here are some of the colors that you can use.

Eye makeup may be created with colourful liners

1: White


Let us go a bit out of the box and instead of using a normal black eyeliner, let’s start with something opposite of it. Here you can use a white liner instead of the classic black and create a stunning look with it. You can use this white eyeliner and create some amazing graphic looks on the eyelids and can also use this eyeliner and use along with some other colors to create a vibrant look. You can go with a double liner look or a polka dot look with the classic combination of black and white.

2: Red


Let’s go fashionable and go red. Red is a stunning color with is already famous for eyeshadows and lipsticks. Here you can look at the red eyeliner that would provide you with a stunning and fashionable look. You can use this as a normal liner or can use this colored liner and create different designs on your eyelids. There are several ways to decorate the lids and make them look trendy. You can also put some pearls and embellishments on the liner to make them look fancy.

3: Dark blue

Dark blue Blue is a stunning shade that can go well with different colors and can bring out the color of your eyes. You can use this shade of liner and use it to make different graphic looks on the eyes. You can use this liner and can pair this with different colors such as white or red to create a duel color graphic liner look. There are several ways you can create a graphic look with this stunning color. Go on and get creative with this dark shade of blue.

4: Neon


Neon color is one of those colors that is heavily used in graphic eye looks. These looks are super bright and vibrant and make your eyes look stunning. Here you can go with any kind of neon shade and start your creativity with your eyes. You can go with these neon shades and can use as many colors as you want to make the look. Design a great graphic look on your eyes. These colors are best for a funky, party look.

5: Silver


Going to a party and do not want to use that old black eyeliner? use a silver one that provides your eyes with a shimmer and glitter, ideal for the party. You can use this eyeliner and create stunning lines and designs on your lids. You can also pair it with other colors and can make a nice party eye makeup look. You can also use some glitter on your eyes for a more shimmery look. There are other shiny eyeliners that you can use as well.


Vibrant eyeliners provide you with a stunning look and make your eye make look stylish and modern. You can look trendy with these colored eyeliners. These liners can be used to provide you with the stunning, fashionable look that you can use when going out. There are several other colors that you can use when doing your eye makeup. Go with these colors and look stunning when going out for a party, clicking pictures and so much more. There are several ways to create a graphic liner look that would enhance your eye makeup. You can even use these colored liners to look stylish and wonderful without eyeshadows and other eye products.

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