Common facial skincare mistakes you’re probably making RN

Caring for your skin isn’t really the easiest task. It requires a lot of patience, good skincare products, the right application technique, and tons of other things. Every skin type deals with its own sets of issues, while in some cases it’s the acne that’s troubling them, in other cases; it’s the excessive dryness that can be a pain to deal with. Aside from leading a healthy lifestyle and having a healthy diet, your skincare routine plays a huge role in influencing the health of your skin, no matter your skin type. Sometimes, even after putting our best efforts and even dedicating extra time taking care of our skin and its needs, we fail to acquire the desired results, and while it can be a bit disappointing, this shouldn’t deter you.
Aside from following your skincare routine religiously, it’s also important to invest in the right skincare products and use them correctly to acquire the desired results. This is where a lot of skincare enthusiasts tend to go wrong; hence, they never get to have the skin of their dreams. Listed below are 5 common facial skincare mistakes you are probably making right now, and it’s time to put a full stop to them.

Using the skincare products without checking the ingredients

Every skin type reacts differently to certain ingredients. Just because a certain ingredient is working well for one skin type, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work equally well for the other skin types too. It’s imperative to identify what ingredients work best for your skin type and show the desired results. Using the wrong ingredients for your skin can easily trigger a reaction, which can result in skin irritation, acne, redness, dryness, etc. Therefore, you should pick the ingredients for your skin very wisely.

Layering serum on the top of the moisturizer

Apart from having the right skincare routine and skincare products, it’s also important to use every skincare product in the right order. Using the products in any random order won’t help you achieve the skin of your dreams, therefore, it’s important to use the products in the right order to make them work their magic and deliver the desired results. When it comes to using a facial serum, you should always apply it before your moisturizer and sunscreen, doing it oppositely won’t make any difference to your skin.

Not wiping off makeup before cleansing your face

Cleansing is one of the most crucial steps in a skincare routine. Ideally, you should cleanse your face twice a day using a cleanser specifically formulated for your skin type. Merely washing your face with a cleanser won’t help you achieve healthy and clear skin; you should always wipe your face off either using a facial wipe or micellar water to get rid of dirt, impurities, and makeup residues from the skin. Follow it up with a purifying face wash to get rid of deep-set impurities effectively.

Applying alcohol-based products

A lot of skincare products, especially toners are known to contain alcohol in them, which is not the best ingredient to use on the skin. Alcohol is usually found in toners specifically formulated for oily skin as it helps in controlling the oil, but it can dry out the skin. Therefore, you should include alcohol-free products in your skincare routine that will deliver the desired results without making the skin feel dry.

Forgetting to use sunscreen

We cannot stress enough how important it is to use sunscreen every time you have to step out of your house. The UVA and UVB rays reflected from the sun can cause severe damage to your skin. Therefore, you should always wear sunscreen to keep your skin protected and reduce the chances of premature aging.

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