Common reasons why your hair color fades faster than anticipated

Getting your hair colored is one of the fun ways to give yourself a makeover, but at the same time, maintaining the color and making it appear fresh all the time is something that can be a bit daunting. The thing about hair color is it looks chic and fresh during the first few days of getting your mane colored, but as time passes by, hair color starts to fade and appears very dull and brassy. Do you know why this happens? Certain mistakes of yours are the reasons why your hair color starts fading faster than it should.

Witnessing your hair color fading at a much faster rate than it should, can be quite heartbreaking, but if you don’t want to experience this feeling, then you should always practice some precautions when it comes to dealing with color-treated hair. You can definitely prevent your hair color from fading by doing things the right way, and in order to get you on the right track, we will take you through some common reasons that could be causing your hair color to fade faster than it should.


Washing your hair with the wrong shampoo

The choice of shampoo really matters here considering your hair is color-treated. Instead of using your regular shampoo, you should switch to a color-protecting shampoo to make sure that your hair color isn’t fading. Shampoos that are specifically designed for color-treated hair tend to contain fewer chemicals, and they feel much gentler on your hair. Additionally, these shampoos are loaded with a wide range of fantastic ingredients that not only help strengthen your cuticles but also keep the pigment from leaking out.


You have low porosity hair

Low porosity hair can pose many issues, and one of the biggest struggles with low porosity hair is maintaining the hair color and keeping it from fading. Low porosity hair has a hard time retaining moisture and protein, and these two play a crucial role in helping your hair color to last longer. The best thing you can do in this case is to opt for a moisturizing treatment prior to getting your hair colored to make sure that your hair color has something to cling onto. Apart from that, you can also consider using a leave-in conditioner post every hair wash to add an extra boost of moisture to your looks, thus making your hair color more long-lasting.


Rinsing your hair with hard water

Washing your hair with hard water is yet another common reason why your hair color is fading at a faster rate than it should. If your place receives hard water, the best thing you can do in this case is to install a shower filter, but if you don’t want to do that, then you should use filtered drinking water to wash your hair in order to avoid causing any damage to your locks. Just make sure to not wash your hair with hard water as it is loaded with hair-damaging minerals and elements, which causes your hair color to fade faster.


Skimping on a heat protectant spray

Using heat styling tools on a regular basis not only causes your hair color to fade faster but also causes so much damage to your locks, leaving them super dry and dull. One of the easiest ways to prevent heat damage is by using heat protectant spray before styling your hair, and that will automatically minimize the chances of fading of hair color.


You are using hot water

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a hot water shower, but mind you, it isn’t doing your skin or color-treated hair any favor. Hot water not only strips your hair of natural oils but also ends up opening your hair cuticles, which makes your hair color fade a lot faster. Therefore, you should always use lukewarm water while taking a shower to prevent damage and keep your hair color from fading faster than anticipated.

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