Cool spring trends that are having a moment right now

Fashion trends aren’t always predictable; sometimes the unexpected arrival of a couple of trends leaves us surprised, and that’s what happened this spring as well. While there were a bunch of amazing fashion trends that were already predicted to be everywhere coming spring, some of the trends that we are spotting right now came out of nowhere and were totally unexpected. But now that we are spotting them everywhere, we are getting more convinced that they are the coolest finds for the spring season and will make great additions to the wardrobe.

Apart from adding some beautiful floral pieces and micro-trends to your spring collection, your wardrobe could also use some cool finds that will help take your fashion game up a notch. If you are planning to redo your wardrobe for the coming spring, start by investing in the following pieces.


Cargo pants

Cargo pants are making a major comeback this spring, you can consider these cargo pants a part of the slouchy trousers trend. While we are used to seeing these cargo pants in a form-fitting style that was extremely popular a few years back, the current trend suggests that cargo pants in a looser silhouette are becoming quite popular among the fashion lot, especially the ones who like to keep their look effortlessly cool and casual. Cargo pants lend a cool girl vibe to the look, and if that’s your style, then you should definitely get your hands on them.



Orange heels

Most women like to play safe when it comes to their shoes, particularly heels. While neutral colors are always the top priority, the idea of experimenting with bright and bold hues doesn’t sound bad either. In fact, it is an excellent way to add a pop of color to the outfit and make it appear elevated and much cooler in an instant. Of all the bright colors trending right now, orange is having a major moment. Apart from clothing pieces, fashion girls are incorporating this color into their closet in the form of heels, which certainly sounds exciting. Orange heels stand out perfectly against neutral-colored outfits such as black and white.



Tinted sunglasses

Sunglasses are probably one of the easiest ways to amp up your look in an instant. They may be one of the only fashion articles that can make your outfits look uber-cool and chic in the most effortless way. Of all the sunglass trends we are spotting right now, tinted sunglasses are standing out among the lot, which explains why they are everywhere on our Instagram feeds. You can find these tinted sunglasses in a myriad of cool options; go for the one that looks the most flattering on you.



Sleeveless turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are classic, and we will probably never get tired of wearing them. While turtleneck in every possible style or silhouette looks uber cool and chic, the ones that are trending right now are sleeveless versions. One of the best things about sleeveless turtlenecks is they can be easily transitioned into your spring wardrobe, hence worth the investment.



Maxi skirts

The arrival of maxi skirts was totally unexpected, but now that we spotting them more and more, the more we are getting convinced to add them to our spring wardrobe. Also, the fact that they are having a major moment right now, they would certainly make a great addition to the wardrobe. You can find maxi skirts in a plethora of pretty options, but the ones that are trending the most right now are the crisp white versions. Apart from looking effortlessly chic and elegant, they help create a breezy look.

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