Cottagecore Outfits for this Spring Season

Cottagecore Outfits

Cottagecore is the new Internet aesthetic popularised by Gen-Z, inspired by the European style. Cottage core outfits are becoming immensely popular in 2023. This style embraces the simple yet elegant style to give you the aesthetic European look. New York Times also printed an article before the pandemic about cottage core being a ‘budding’ style and now the situation has changed, and the style is fully ‘blooming’. This style became more popular through social media platforms. From Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ to floral dresses this style has taken the internet by storm. Everyone is diving into it this spring season for a flowy and breezy look.

Here are some outfit ideas for you to achieve the cottage core look :

1. Flowy Floral Dresses

Flowy Floral Dresses

Floral dresses should be your number one choice to get an aesthetic cottage core look. These dresses scream out the spring season. Opt for a flowy, knee-length dress with pastel colors and a tiny floral print. As the flowers blossom in the spring season so will you in your floral dress. Pair it with a woven hat and cowboy boots for a perfect cottage-core look.

2. Midi-dresses


Midi-dresses are basically a no-brainer. You can wear these anywhere and it will give you an effortless look. These dresses can be paired with any type of footwear. But pairing them with your Birkenstocks would be your best bet. You can wear these for a picnic and carry tulips with you to complete the look.

3. Cardigans and Skirts


Wear a long-tiered maxi skirt with a cardigan or a knit top to get a flawless look. You can also create a date night cottage-core look with a satin slip skirt to sustain your aesthetic. A cardigan can also be styled with a mini skirt as they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Instead of a casual mini skirt try a ruffled mini skirt for the idyllic look. You can accessories your look with a gold pendant and a few bracelets.

4. Embroidered corset and crochet tops

crochet tops

What’s more countryside than a corset? They are perfect for you to show off your figure. These tops with embroidered detail look heavenly. Honestly, these are the easiest way to craft any outfit, as all you must do is pair it with a skirt or some jeans and layer your outfit with jewelry. Similarly, crochet tops can be paired with numerous items such as midi skirts, linen pants, jeans, etc. These tops are handmade with details and are perfectly crafted by special artists with hands. These can be worn to the beach and for any type of outing. These tops are simple, handcrafted, and colorful so they are perfect for this look.

5. Vintage Outfits

Vintage Outfits

The cottage core is vastly inspired by the looks of the 19th century or simply the vintage looks. You can wear pinafore dresses with a collared blouse to attain that vintage look or you can give a try to ruffled blouse and low waist pleated skirt. Then you can blend the look with some Mary Janes or boots of your choice.

6. Lacy slip dresses

Lacy slip dresses

A lacy slip dress is a beautiful choice for embracing the cottage core aesthetic. You can layer this dress for a different look. Slip dresses can be layered with a knit sweater or sheer blouse. A slip dress is very versatile and can be worn for different occasions, depending on how you decide to style it. This dress gives you both a graceful and easy look.

Bottom Line

These are my top picks for constructing an outfit inspired by cottagecore. It is the perfect type of aesthetic for you this spring season. Embrace the romantic style with a long, flowing prairie dress featuring ruffles, lace, and puff sleeves. Look for outfits with earth tones such as mustard yellow, sage green, dusty rose, or peachy pink. Pair them with some vintage-inspired boots either ankle or knee-high to add a rustic touch. Remember, the cottage core style is all about embracing nature. This style is a mixture of natural elements, vintage aesthetics, and a whimsical charm. So, feel free to experiment with these things and create a cottage-core outfit of your own.

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