Different kinds of Pleated Skirts You Can Wear

Pleated skirts are a great piece of clothing that can be styled in a sophisticated outfit as well as a casual outfit. All you need is the right kind of pleated skirt to style up the outfit. A lot of fashion influences and people are known for inclining toward this skirt and pairing it up with different tops and styling them in various ways. Get yourself some nice pleated skirts and style them up and walk around looking chic and stylish. There are several looks that can help you create an elegant look with these stylish skirts. There are different kinds of pleated skirts that you can get for yourself and add to the wardrobe. Here is a list of some of the many pleated skirts that you can have.

various types of Pleated Skirts

1: Pleated tennis skirt

Pleated tennis skirt

Tennis skirts are popular and trendy. You can wear them on a semi-dressy day and can style them from casual to dressy. All you need to do is pair it with either a nice hoodie or tank top for a casual look or you can have a nice top with it. You can style it the way you want to in the style you want to in a very easy and effortless manner. This is one of the many different types of pleated skirts that you can get for yourself.

2: Formal pleated skirt

Formal pleated skirt

Formal pleated skirts have boxed pleated that a formal and elegant look so that you can wear them to your workplace. It is important to be styled appropriately when you are at your workplace and this is one of the many different skirts that you can wear to work. You can pair this with a nice blouse and heels and you get yourself a cute semi-formal look for your work day. You can also style it and wear it to an office party.

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3: Pleated maxi skirt Pleated maxi skirt

Pleated skirts come in all lengths and this is a pleated maxi skirt that you can style and look smart and chic. You can pair this skirt with a nice top. If you like wearing maxi skirts then you would also like this combination. This is a great casual and stylish combination that you can adorn in summer and look cute and chic. Pair nice sandals with this and you got the look.

4: Tiered pleated skirt

Tiered pleated skirt

Tiered pleated skirts look stunning and elegant. This pleated skirt has different tiers and looks great when you walk. You can pair a nice simple top or blouse with it and can accessorize the look with some jewelry. This can be a look to go for a nice classy lunch or to go out to a party and some other place. You can also pair it with a sequin top for a party look, making you look stylish and chic.

5: Pleated mini skirt

Pleated mini skirt

Pleated mini skirts and pleated tennis skirts are two different things. Pleated mini skirts are stunning just like tennis skirts but they are more dressy than the latter. These are the ones that you can wear when you are going out with your friends for a night out or some other party. There are so many different occasions where you can style a pleated mini skirt. Wear it with a nice satin top and pair either heels or long shoes or boots with this and look chic and stylish. To get a classy look put the skirt with a turtleneck or a nice simple top.


Now you know about what kind of pleated skirts you can get and how can you style them. There are several ways you can add style and elegance to the outfit. To make the outfit seem more stylish you can add some accessories to it and voila you get the look. These skirts are different than your regular skirts such as cotton, denim, or other skirts. They are dressy and can be styled without much effort. All you need to do is have a nice pleated skirt along with a dressy top or a simple plain top, a nice pair of footwear and you are ready to go. These skirts help you feel dressy even on normal simple days.

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