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Different types of bags you carry to New Year Party

Different types of bags you carry to New Year Party

Without bags, our lives are actually pretty incomplete. The craze of bags is actually really high, that we can imagine us going anywhere without any kind of bag. There is such a huge demand for bags that women are ready to give any prize to the brands to own the perfect kind of bag. There are actually many types of bags, but we are here to provide you with the perfect kind of bag for the party.

As we all know New year is just here, that is why we are providing you with the best bags that are great for the New Year party. Hence, these bags that are mentioned below are the best ones that are great for any New Year Party –

Evening Bag

It is basically a decorative handbag, that you can actually carry to the evenings and of course parties. You can make sure to use the evening bag if you are going to the new year party. There are many designs that you can go for while you are selecting the best kind of evening bag. There are some bags that are embellished with sequins, pearls, or other surface work, evening bags are usually used for special occasions or worn with formal dresses.

Mini bag

These are basically the bags that are smaller than the normal bag. The normal size of these bags is around palm-size or sometimes larger than that. Another name for this bag is the micro bag, and this name is actually used by some of the brands as well. However, there are many brands that make micro bags smaller than mini bags. There is also no strap or proper handle in this bag, all you can do is just go for this bag for a show.


It is basically a small evening bag or a clutch that is used to carry the things like keys or lipstick and that is the reason why it is known as the Minaudière bag. These Minaudière bags sometimes do not have handles or straps. Also, these kinds of bags are actually ornamental or decorative and are also sometimes considered to be ornaments or a piece of jewelry. Also, these are known as decorative clutches as well.


The wallet is basically a foldable bag that is great for carrying money and cards. Wallets actually don’t have any kinds of straps or handles, but some may have a loop for carrying it around the thumb or wrist and this adds convenience. Wallets are normally carried within larger handbags but you can carry them to a party if you don’t want to carry the larger bag. Commonly, wallets have tight compartments for storing different kinds of cards, and separate compartments to store currency notes or licenses as well.
This is a rectangular bag that has a flap that fastens in the front with a single or double buckle. And it depends upon the bag and the design whether the bag has a double buckle or a single buckle. Most commonly, these satchels have a long strap, and are these are also hung low on the body. These kinds of bags are actually great for carrying to the party and of course, you can easily grab them and carry them.

Box clutch

Hand-held evening bags that are in the shape of a box are called box clutches. These box clutches can also be designed in a more casual way, but there are many designers that design these box clutches for parties as well. The casual box clutches are used in the daytime to complement casual outfits, and moreover, designer box clutches have been used as an evening accessory. There are box clutches that are sometimes without handles or straps, but still are great for accessorizing in the new year party.

Hence, these were some of the great bags that are awesome and essential for the parties such as New year and Christmas.