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Different Types of Manicures You Can Get

Different Types of Manicures You Can Get

You never need a reason to take care of your nails and make them look good. There are so many creative ways you can use to make your nails look good and well maintained. You can go with the normal and simple manicure or can go all stylish with your nails. There are several designs that you can look for and create new looks and there are different types of manicures that can be done to decorate your nails. Several nail salons can you can go to and get your nails done wonderfully. You need to know about some of the famous manicures that you can get for yourself and make your nails look cute and pretty.

Various types of manicures

1: French manicure

French manicure

It is one of the most famous and elegant manicures that you can get for yourself. This manicure is stylish and chic and is the one choice that you can never go wrong with. If you are in doubt as to what kind of manicure you should get then this is the simple and elegant one that you can get for yourself. The simple crescent white polish on your nude nails look chic and sophisticated. You can also get some embellishments on these nails for a dressy look.

2: Gel manicure

Gel manicure

These are nice and stylish manicure that lasts for a long period. These manicures need just a bit of maintenance and you do need to visit the parlor again frequently to maintain them. You get to have a lot of options and designs to select from. You can also look for a lot of embellishments that you can put on your nails. The long-lasting effect of this manicure is achieved with the help of gel paints and the UV light under which the nail paint is cured.

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3: Basic manicure

Basic manicure

If you do not want anything flashy or anything over the top or if you are getting a manicure done for the first time, you can start with the simple and basic type of manicure, this manicure consists of using creams and lotion on your nails and cuticles and soaking these nails in warm water. After drying them, the nails are trimmed and cleaned. You can choose the nail paint that you want and voila you get a simple and sweet manicured look.

4:Shellac manicure

Shellac manicure

This is the manicure you go for when you want to have a durable manicure that can provide you with the right kind of look. This manicure has a mix of both the normal nail paint and the gel nail paint and this makes it more durable and lasts longer than the normal manicure. After cleaning and giving the desired shape to the nails, the manicurist applies coats of this nail paint. You need not worry about chipping in shellac manicure.

5: Acrylic manicure

Acrylic manicure

This is the manicure that is ideal for people with short nails. If you have weak nails or you need to be at an event and want pretty nails then you can go with the acrylic manicure. The mixture of polymer and monomer makes a strong layer of the acrylic nail using your small nails as the base. This is then filed into the desired shape. The manicurist then applies the nail paint or creates the design you want to go with. You can also get some embellishments on the nails. You can get cute and stylish designs for your nails.


The list above tells you about some of the manicures that you can get done for your nails and make them look stylish and creative. It is time to pamper your nails and take proper care of them. These manicures help you in providing your nails a nice look and make your hands look a lot better. Manicure enhances the overall look of the nails as well as the hand. Go with different styles and looks when you are choosing manicures and nail arts. You can go with a simple natural nude manicure and can also go with some creative and stylish nails with some cute embellishments. Go to your trusted nail salons that use good quality products and then get yourself a nice pampering session.