Discover 2020’s most popular coat trends

It feels like it was only a few days ago when we were transitioning our summer wardrobes into fall wardrobes, maybe it’s the whole pandemic situation that has got us all crazy or it’s just the time that is passing us by at a much rapid speed, whatever it is, we are just here to inform you that it’s time for yet another transition. Since the weather has started to get a bit chilly and crisper, we are taking it is an indication that winter is just around the corner, and it’s time we talk about coats, which happens to be winter wardrobe essentials.
The transition from fall to winter is nothing but swapping of light jackets with heavy-duty outerwear. As much as we bewail this transition, it’s the fresh batch of coat trends that get us excited every time. Being fashion enthusiasts, we want nothing more but for our outfits to looks much forward and on-trend, and since winter is all about coats, it’s imperative to identify the coat styles that will be trending this year. To make this transition easier for you, we have listed a couple of coat trends that will be all the rage this winter.

Leather outerwear

The first one to make it on our list is the leather outerwear, which is believed to have an amazing ability to make a powerful statement on its own. From leather blazers to leather trench coats, you can find leather outerwear in all different silhouettes, with each one looking chic and forward in its own way. Given its versatility and effortlessly chic appearance, leather outerwear will be everywhere this fall. The easiest way to give your leather outerwear a needed boost is by pairing it with chunky boots and a shoulder bag to create a forward look.

Classic wool coats

Sometimes it’s best to settle for something classic rather than going for a piece that will be around only for a while. While you will find a plethora of chic coats that are trending this season, there’s something about classic long, wool coats that tell us you can never go wrong with them, no matter the outfit or occasion. Additionally, long wool coats are having a moment right now, so, if you happen to have a few of them in your closet already, this is the right time for you to wear them with your outfits without having to worry about them being in trend or not.


If you ever find yourself confused between a warm shirt and jacket, shackets would come to your easy rescue as they are quite a stylish option to go with. Also, shackets are very much in trend right now, and one of the main reasons behind their popularity is the fact that they are so easy to wear. You can easily wear it with your jeans as well as your loungewear to add cool vibes to the look.

Puffer coat

While most of you may have a classic puffer coat in your wardrobe, the puffer coats this year are unlike any other. They have been reworked and reimagined in a way that makes them look all the more chic and forward. You can spot them in so many chic iterations and unique silhouettes such as a padded blazer or padded vests.

Quilted coat

If you like to add some quirky elements to your outfits, a quilted coat would make for the perfect purchase this winter as it has the perfect amount of quirkiness and cozy feel to offer. You can find them in a myriad of cute and eccentric prints that won’t only help to add an interesting element to your look but will also make you stand out from the crowd.

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