Do the following to make your press-on nails last long

Guess what’s back in fashion? The press-on nails! No need to make appointments anymore. No need to sit to get your nails done for hours in the salon or no need to feel bad when you remember that you have not gotten your nails done. If you forgot to get your nails done before an important event, then you can use some pretty press-on nails. These are easy to apply and remove, available in so many different styles and designs, providing you with choices to select from. Not only do they provide you with hassle-free, not expensive beautiful nails, but they also protect your nails from damage. When you get acrylics or gel nails done, the application and the removal damage a few of your nails which is avoidable here with proper care.

1: Clean the nails before applying the nails

Before applying the nails it is important to make sure that the nails are clean and dry. It is better to clean any dirt or debris on the nails before applying the press on. You need to clean the nail and be sure that they are dry and clean properly. You should also clean the underside of the press on nails to remove any previous glue remains or any dirt with acetone.

2: Select the correct nails or size them

The nail should never be larger than the nail bed. Thus you need to get the nails that are about the similar size to your nails for a better stay. Your nails will look shabby if you put the ones either smaller or bigger than your nail beds. If you cannot find the right size for you, you can get the one slightly bigger and give the shape of your nails. You can always size your press onto your original nails, just take the design on the nail into consideration and see that you fill the press on properly.

3:Try to avoid water on your hands for some time

When you get your nails done, after applying the press on nails, it is advised to avoid water for an hour or two. Water may prevent the glue from drying and properly sticking to the nails. Thus when you put the press on nails, try to avoid water for an hour or so and also other liquid products such as moisturizer or any hand cream.

4: Apply the glue properly

Be generous when applying glue. The amount of glue you use will ensure how long the press on nails stays on your nails. You need to apply a good amount of glue that will ensure that you get the nails for a long period of time. If you are only using them for one event then you can think of using a little more than the usual amount of glue so that you can remove the nails easily.

5: Be careful with your nails

Press-on nails can be an of work. You need to look at how you use your hand and carry things. Try not to apply much force on your nails. The force can remove the press on nails and can cause a bit of damage to the outer layer of your nail. If you are new to these kinds of nails then you can first try them on your non-dominant hand. It will make things easier for you and will help you in adjusting to the nails properly. After a little practice with the non-dominant hand, you can then put them on the dominant one.

Proper care and keeping in mind the things mentioned in the list above can make your press-on nails last long. The availability of a huge variety of press on nails provides you with the choice of selecting the one that goes well with your look and for the occasion. These are reusable and thus are worth the money. These press-on nails are super stylish and make your hands look pretty. You need to take proper care of them and also of your nails after the removal of the nails. These nails are cheaper and better for your nails than the acrylics and the gel nails you get at the salon.

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