Dopamine Styling: A Step-by-Step Guide

Dopamine styling a step-by-step guide

Dopamine is the chemical released in our body that makes us feel good. This term when used in the fashion industry means dressing up in a way that would make one feel good and that would enhance their mood and make them happy. This is the way of styling and wearing clothes that would make you happy and brighten up your mood. This would also make you look great in whatever you are wearing. This type of styling is now adopted by a lot of fashion enthusiasts. You need to get the clothes and accessories that make you happy and content. You can go for different prints and textures, a variety of colors and so much more when you are styling up to be happy. Here are some ways you can start with dopamine styling.

Tips To Learn Dopamine Style

1: Know what you are feeling

Know what you are feeling

This style of clothing is all about your emotions and feelings. You need to know what you are feeling and what vibe you are going after so that you can go on with the styling. You need to what kinds of textures and prints fo you want to work with so that you can have them styled and make a cute outfit out of them. Here are so many ways to express yourself and clothing is one of them.

2: Search your wardrobe

Search your wardrobe

There is no need to go and change your whole wardrobe for the new style. You need to first look into your wardrobe and see what kind of clothes you have and what are the one that makes you feel happy. There must be several clothes that would make you feel happy when you wear them and that elevate your mood and energy. You need to look for those clothes and wear them when you are styling up. For example, if heels make you happy or if a particular color makes you feel good then wear those often.

3: Learn more about your aesthetic

Learn more about your aesthetic

You need to learn more about what kind of styles you like and what kind of aesthetics makes you happy so that you can go with them and style yourself. You need to look for inspirations that would make you feel happy and content. You need to know about the styles and how they affect you. Certain designs make you happy and thus you need to incorporate that into your style.

4: Color therapy

Color therapy

Color therapy is a practice that is used to balance energy with the help of colors. If you are feeling anxious you can go with colors that soothe you and if you are feeling energetic you can go with bright colors to match your emotions. Several colors can work with different emotions and thus you can use this therapy to balance your emotions and be happy without thinking much about styles and trends.

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5: Work with textures and prints

Work with textures and prints

Textures and prints add to the depth of the look. You can go and try different kinds of prints and textures that would add to the entire look. Mix and match different kinds of textures that would add up to create a wonderful attire. There are several ways you can work on these textures and make a stunning merry attire that would help in releasing dopamine and thus make you happy. You can work with these textures by starting with one and then working on different kinds. This will help you get to your textures and styles more.


This is the style that allows you to have your own style without any rules to follow. You can be your own stylist and go with the styles and aesthetics that make you feel happy. You can go with a variety of colors and pair the ones that make you feel good and brighten ups your mood. There are so many colors and prints that you can work with and create outfits with them. This is a stunning style to work with and have a great time dressing up in things that make you happy rather than going on with the trends and styles that are famous. Create your own style and be comfortable and confident.

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