Dress Code For a Black-Tie Event

A black-tie event is a formal event where you have to dress formally. If you are invited to a black-tie event that means that the dress code for that is evening gowns and tuxedos. These dress codes can be a bit tricky and can be difficult to select clothes from. You need to know beforehand which kind of event are you going for and then look for the dress code and what clothes can be worn at that particular event. Such as here for a black-tie event, the clothes have to be formal and elegant. You cannot go with any sort of neon colors or over-the-top bright colors. It has the o elegant and sophisticated. You cannot wear mini dresses or short dresses for that matter.

What to Wear at a Black-Tie Event

1: Satin slip gowns

Satin slip gowns

Satin slip gowns are a great choice for any sort of elegant and sophisticated event. Satin dresses are stunning and make you look chic. They provide you with the elegance needed. You can style these satin slip gowns with a nice pair of heels and adorn the whole look with light and nice makeup and some accessories. You can wear this gown to a black-tie event, party, and even a wedding. These long gowns tend to enhance the whole look and make you look stunning and ready for these events.

2: Silk slit maxi dress

Silk slit maxi dress

Slit maxi dresses can be used for different kinds of events and here you can wear them for a black-tie event and look stunning. These dresses are feminine and dressy. There are several different kinds of slit dresses that you can get for yourself and that you can use to style up for the event. With these kinds of dresses pair nice heels that would enhance the whole look. Heels provide you with a new confidence that makes you feel more comfortable and better about yourself.

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3: Floor-length gowns

Floor-length gowns

One of the easy ways to look for a dress to wear at a black-tie event is to look for a nice floor-length gown. The evening gown that is long enough and that can be worn in any sort of high-end event can be worn here in a black-tie event as well. These gowns are easy to look for and select and are easy to style as well. You can look for different kinds of gowns depending on the body type and what you like and are comfortable in and get ready for the event.

4: Long cocktail dresses

Long cocktail dresses

If the event is semi-formal, then you can select a long cocktail dress. Cocktail dresses are usually upto the knees but some dresses go beyond the knees upto the calf area. These dresses can be worn and styled for a simple black-tie event. You can accessorize the look to make the outfit look dressier and classy. You can add a clutch and other accessories to the look.

5: Bias cut gown

Bias cut gown

This is a beautiful gown that is made such that it fits you and enhances your look. It fits your body perfectly and has no extra volume. This is a well-fitted gown that can make your body look great. This is another kind of gown that you can wear to a black-tie event and look stunning. You can get these gowns in several colors and have shine and shimmer to them. This bias-cut gown can be said as one of the well-fitted gowns and can provide you with the elegance and classy look that is needed for this event.


These are some of the dresses that you can wear when you are invited to a black-tie event. After selecting the right dress, the next step to getting ready is to decide what kind of makeup and hair are you going with. For these kinds of events, keep the makeup classy and elegant. You can use bold eyeshadows but to an extent that they make the whole look classy and sophisticated. You can go with sleek hairstyles that would look great with the gowns and dresses that you are wearing. Look for a nice pair of heels to go with your gowns and voila you are ready for the event. You should also accessorize the look with the help of jewelry.

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