Elements You Need To Style Up in Twee Aesthetic

Twee is the term associated with cute and dainty. This is a mix of preppy styles and retro styles together. This was once a famous aesthetic and is gaining popularity among fashion enthusiasts again after more than a decade. It is true that in the fashion world trends move in a circular motion and come back after some time. This is what happened with this stunning and dainty aesthetic. Here you can see the mix of the softness of the preppy style with the tights and plaid dresses and the retro touch with collars, puff sleeves, and other things. This is one of the stunning aesthetics that you can style up in and here is a list of those elements that you can use to create an outfit in this style.

Twee Aesthetic Tips That You Should Know

1: Plaid dresses

Plaid dresses are one of the main elements of the preppy style and due to the influence of the style in this cute and sweet aesthetic, plaid dresses are one of the important elements here. You can wear a top or blouse under the dress and can even style it with statement tights. Plaid is the famous one and thus along with plaid dresses, plaid skirts and mini skirts are also quite famous in this aesthetic. You can style your favorite plaid in a twee aesthetic and accessorize the look.

2: Tights

Statement tights are another element that you can use when it comes to things that are used in the twee aesthetic. To add the rough and edgy look to this quaint and dainty style you need to pair these tights with something soft and feminine to balance the look. You can wear these tights with mini skirts and dresses and then pair the look with boots. These tights can even have some designs made on them to make them look more stylish.

3: Puff sleeves

Puff sleeves are again a huge part of this aesthetic and you can style them in different ways when you are styling up a twee outfit. There are several ideas that you can work on when you have a top or dress with puffed sleeves. If you have a top with these sleeves then you can use that and layer it under the dress or a jacket. You can style these puffy sleeves in the form of a top or a dress and look feminine and sweet.

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4:Boots and platform sandals

There have to be some shoes or footwear that would look great in this style. There are several options but to add a retro touch to the look here are combat boots or platform sandals that you can get. Try using the ones that are in black to make the look seem edgier to balance the soft and feminine touch of the clothes. Also, these boots look great with tights, mini dresses, skirts, plaid clothes, and others that are used in this aesthetic.

5: Thick hairbands

To complete the look you need to add some accessories. One of the many accessories that you can adorn is this tunning thick hairband. Head accessories are always cute and stylish and here you can style your hair with this hairband. To match the outfit, you can go with the matching fabric or style such as using a plaid headband for a plaid dress. There are other accessories too that you can add to the look and make your looks complete such as jewelry and handbags. Look for cute and retro accessories to go with the style.


Now is the time to go with the trends and get to have a great aesthetic that is soft and feminine and has a rough touch to it. This is a great style that you can work on where you get to wear sundresses with combat boots, plaid sweaters with fishnet stocking and so many combinations of the preppy and retro styles together. There are so many outfits in this style that you can work on and create some cute and soft looks. You get the mix of two stunning styles that can be worked together and be used to make some great ootd. Look for more elements that you can add to the twee aesthetic.

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