Everyday items your fall wardrobe could really use

While we certainly enjoy the idea of having a handful of fancy and statement-making pieces in our wardrobe, if we think pragmatically, nothing feels as useful in the wardrobe as those everyday items that can be styled and worn in multiple ways. By everyday items, we mean those items that are super versatile and incredibly easy to wear. The items in question happen to be quite simple in nature, but owing to their versatility, they make for a great addition to the wardrobe. Considering, we have officially entered fall, it would only make sense to discuss fall items that are not only essentials but also acts as an anchor to the wardrobe.
With these everyday items in your wardrobe, you can create n number of chic outfits by mixing and matching them. Given how basic these items are, you might own a few pieces already, and if not, then you can easily purchase them from the stores. Listed below are a few everyday items that will enhance your fall wardrobe.


While fall items like coats, jackets continue to be an essential part of the wardrobe, there’s this one outerwear find that is also making rounds among the fashion crowd, and that happens to be none other than shackets. Shackets are a great pick for transitional temperatures, they provide the right amount of warmth and add a sense of flair and sophistication to any kind of outfit, including the simplest ones.

Ribbed dresses

Ribbed dresses are arguably one of the hottest trends of the fall. Aside from being one of the most important fashion trends of fall, ribbed dresses are also reigning the dress realm, especially the ones that are in neutral hues. While they are super comfy to wear at home, you can also dress them up by adding a few accessories like a chunky gold necklace, stylish shoes, etc.

Sweater vest

The fashion community is witnessing a sudden surge in the popularity of sweater vests; they are definitely on the list of trending pieces for the season. Given its classic nature, a sweater vest can easily be rocked alone or by layering it over your dresses, tops, or anything you like. Sweater vests are not only pretty fashion-forward, but they are also incredibly easy to wear. They look pretty stylish when layered over a white shirt, so if you happen to have one in your wardrobe, you can team it up with a sweater vest to create an uber-chic look.

Slouchy blazer

Women’s wardrobe tends to feel incomplete without a blazer; it is the key to creating a polished and cohesive look. While tailored blazers that hit on the right places is certainly an excellent investment, slouchy blazers are also an amazing find that can easily elevate even the most basic and simplest outfits. Slouchy or oversized blazers feel modern and chic; you can easily style them with a huge range of outfits including jeans, dresses, trousers, and much more. Just throw it over any ensemble, and you will be ready to rock the day in that chic outfit of yours.

Wide-leg trousers

Wide-leg trousers are anything but dated, they can easily become your go-to basic, granting how versatile and easy-to-wear they are. Aside from feeling super comfy, wide-leg trousers also help in creating a sleek and structured look. No matter how you choose to wear them, they will add a stylish twist to any ensemble. You can mix and match it with a variety of everyday items; blazers especially look super chic with wide-leg trousers. Given their versatility, you can easily sport them both casually as well as in a dressed up manner.

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