Fabrics to Use For a Winter Wedding

Useful Fabrics for a Winter Wedding

A wedding is the event of a lifetime and thus needs so much to plan and execute. There is a whole list of guests to see, the venue, DJ, photographer, catering, bridesmaids, groomsmen, clothes, music, food and so much more. Each and every small and big detail together makes a great wedding and one memorable event. If you are the bride, bridesmaid, guest, or someone who would be at the wedding event and reception, then you would be looking for the perfect dress that you can wear for that day. Now the dress that you choose would be decided on the basis of the weather and venue. For a summer wedding, people go for light fabric, and thus for a winter one they choose heavy materials as provided to you in the list.

Useful Fabrics for a Winter Wedding

1: Silk Mikado

Silk Mikado

Silk mikado is a blend of two fabrics mainly silk and nylon. Silk gives it the sheen and style and nylon makes the material a bit stiff to have a nice structure to the dress. This is one of the most famous fabrics when it comes to selecting fabrics for a wedding dress. The sheen and smoothness of the material make great gowns. This heavy fabric allows you to feel comfortable and warm at a winter wedding. A silk mikado wedding gown is a dream.

2: Faille


Faille is the next fabric on the list that can be used to make a gown or dress for a winter wedding. This fabric has a ribbed pattern that makes it a unique feel to it and can be used in the making of a lot of clothes such as gowns, formal dresses, vests, skirts, and many more. Here you can use this fabric and get your wedding dress made in this stunning fabric. This has a shine to it and makes your dress look wonderful.

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3: Velvet


This is a classic. Velvet was linked with wealth for a long period of time and is such a wonderful fabric to work with. This fabric is used to make elegant and stunning dresses. Being a thick material this is used for winter gowns and cannot be worn in the summer season. There are so many different kinds of dresses that you can make with this versatile fabric. You can have the best wedding gown for a winter wedding and not feel uncomfortable.

4: Gabardine


Well as they say, old is gold. This old fabric might sound like it is not the right choice when looking for a winter wedding fabric but this is a beautiful fabric to work with, although a bit too heavy, this fabric would only be comfortable during the winter season. They make stunning and elegant gowns with this fabric and you can even see lines that are featured on the fabric when you look closely at it. Go for this fabric for a winter wedding.

5: Brocade


This fabric needed no introduction. This is there in fashion for a long time and can not only be seen in fashion and clothes but also as a decor element adorning sofas and chairs. This is a heavy fabric that can keep you warm and comfortable in cold weather and thus would only be advised to be used in the winter season and not at all in the summer season. You can go for a wedding gown or a dress as a wedding guest when you are going for a winter wedding. This has a shine and elegance to it.

These fabrics are used when people select a winter wedding dress as a bride or guest. These fabrics not only make you look good but would also provide you with comfort in the said weather. If you wear velvet at a hot summer wedding, you would feel extremely uncomfortable and would not be able to enjoy the wedding, similarly, you would not be able to enjoy a winter wedding in a simple cotton gown. The right kind of fabric when looking for any dress is important so that you get to enjoy your time and the event and you can feel comfortable when you are there. Look for the right kind of fabric.

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