Fabulous ways to style knitwear like a French woman

There’s still quite some time for winters to arrive officially, but we have already started to feel the chills mostly during the mornings and evenings, and that’s what fall is all about. However, no matter if it’s fall or winter, certain clothing pieces are favorable to be worn during both the seasons and make dressing up so much easier. We mostly find the comfort in those chunky and thick layers that basically make the entire outfit look all the more cozy and warm, but they most certainly aren’t the easiest to pull off. Styling pieces like chunky knits definitely require some art, and if you are like us, who quite struggle with styling them, this article is all you need to read as we have got some amazing styling tips for you that are borrowed from the very fashionable French people.
French women have got a certain knack for styling knitwear in the most stylish and effortless way, they literally make a cardigan look so sexy; hence, we could learn a thing or two from them when it comes to styling knitwear nonchalantly, effortlessly, or whatever the case be. Listed below are 5 tips that will enable you to stay warm without having to compromise your style.

Belt it up

The easiest and the most hassle-free way to elevate your knitwear outfit is by cinching a belt over the top of your sweater or cardigan. A belt cinched around the waist gives the ensemble a more structured and streamlined look. While oversized sweaters give the outfit a more casual and cool appearance, if you are aiming to make it appear more defined, belting it up would certainly make for an excellent choice. Aside from your jeans, you can also do it with your skirts and dresses as well by throwing a chunky knit on the top and cinching it in with a stylish belt.

Wear your cardigan backward

If you are looking to elevate the appearance of your basic cardigan, the easiest way to pull it off stylishly is by wearing it backward. While the buttons of the cardigan are supposed to fall in the front, wearing it backward would make the buttons go down the back. This little change would make such a huge difference to your ensemble whilst giving your outfit a needed boost. You can also find some pieces that are specifically designed to bring some attention to the back.

Pick pieces with subtle detailing or embellishment

When it comes to experimenting with knitwear, French women don’t like to play with colors and patterns. They like to play safe by opting for pieces with subtle detailing or embellishment. While bright and bold colors have the power to spruce up the look of the outfit, knitwear in light tones with knitted embellishments makes for a chicer and safer option.

Pair your cozy sweater with a short skirt


If you are up to take your fashion game one step further, pairing your cozy sweater with a short skirt would make for a chic combination. French women believe don’t believe in showing off too much skin, it’s either the legs or cleavage and sometimes both that turns out to be the focal point of the look. You can easily wear one of your short skirts paired with a chunky sweater on the top. Finish off the look by slipping into a pair of long boots, and you will be good to go.

Wear cropped cardigans

Cardigans are pretty huge this year, and they are one of the most popular trends of this season. However, cardigans have gone under a drastic makeover this year, they look even better and chicer. Cropped cardigans, in particular, are trending this season. They give the outfit an instant lift and make it look more elevated and forward.

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