Face mask trends you need to check out before your next restock

Who knew that a day would come where protective face masks would become an indispensable part of our routines. Well, now that we are experiencing this phase and have been wearing masks for months, thanks to the pandemic, it’s safe to say that protective face masks have officially become a part of our everyday outfits. And since they are of great significance at the moment, it shouldn’t come as a shocker to you if you see face mask trends emerging this year. While the main purpose of face masks is to cover your nose and mouth, who said it has to look boring? Aside from looking at masks from the functionality aspect, you can also use them to add a stylish twist to your outfits.
Designers have been reworking face masks using their unique creativity, and while there’s nothing wrong with basic face masks, wearing prettier face masks would make you despise sporting face masks a little less. Speaking of which, if you have meaning to invest in some pretty and trendy face masks, we have got a list of 5 face mask trends that are having quite a moment right now.

Dainty florals

Masks with floral print are such a mood, they can instantly add a charming feel to the outfit with a hint of girly vibe. On days, when your outfit appears pretty dull and boring, sporting a face mask with dainty florals printed on it would instantly boost the mood whilst also adding visual interest to the look. Whether you choose to go with a white base color or black base color, the two of them would go perfectly with almost every outfit of yours.

Chain face mask

Wearing face masks with cool chains is one of the most interesting ways to make even the most basic face mask appear a bit stylish. In addition to being an uber-cool piece of embellishment, pairing chains with face masks also proves to be quite functional as they help you hold your face mask around the neck when you’re not wearing it, and that is a really genius approach. If the face mask doesn’t come with a combined chain, you can purchase it separately. And when you don’t find the need for a chain, you can also detach it from the face mask.

Face masks with bow tie

Bow tie face masks are one of the cutest ways to sport them with your outfits. They look super adorable and hold an amazing ability to prettify your entire look. You can easily find these face masks in a plethora of options, from floral print to leopard print; there are so many pretty prints to choose from. You can tie the ends of the mask in a bow to add a charming and interesting feel to the look.

Coordinating face mask

While you have seen matching top and skirt set, co-ord sets, and whatnot, this year you will also be spotting face masks that can be coordinated with your outfits by purchasing a face mask set that comprises several items, which can vary accordingly. From matching your face masks with scrunchies and headbands to your outfits, there are so many wondrous ways to rock this trend and give your outfit a sense of cohesive feel.

Satin face mask


It’s not just colors and prints designers are experimenting with, different fabrics are also being used in the making of face masks and while cotton is commonly used for the manufacturing of face masks, you can also find them in more luxe and stunning fabrics like satin. Satin face masks would instantly make your outfit look 10 times more stunning and make you stand out from the crowd.

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