Fashion Trends From The 2000s No One Wants Back

Y2K has made a comeback and people are going gaga over this stunning yet nostalgic style. While there are some of the elements in the style that people have made popular and are using and styling in their outfits and attires, there are some that the generation now would not be wearing and would never make a comeback. This is because there are some fashion items in this style that would need courage and some that would not be in style in today’s time. A comeback of a style does not mean that everything in that style is going to make a comeback. Thus we present to you a list here that would let you know about the fashion trends that are not coming back.

Nobody Wants the 2000s’ fashion trends back

1: Dress over jeans

Dress over jeans

There was a time when people would style a dress over their denim jeans. It was extremely trendy at that time. Wearing jeans and a flowy or a bodycon dress together is not something anyone would try now. This was a look in the 2000s and was a prominent element of the y2k fashion but this trend is not coming back and thus you need to know that this is a trend that no one wants back.

2: Cargo everything

Cargo everything

While cargo pants are back in style and they look stunning and fashionable and are easy to style with a crop top, turtleneck, jacket, and so on, cargo everything might be a bit too overwhelming. Imagine having a skirt with all those cargo pockets or shorts with the same design. A pair of cargo jeans are different than things that should not be in that design but are. Again 2000s was a big fan of cargo and would make everything cargo but not anymore.

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3: Extra Long tops/ shirts

Extra Long tops/ shirts

Crop tops are the trend that is going around for a long time but what if we tell you there was a time when people would wear long tops, extra long tops? These tops were not the oversized fashionable tops used in the style nowadays but were well-fit tops that are extra long and would reach even the thigh sometimes. These tops were extremely popular decades ago but it is a relief they are not coming back into fashion. They are something people might not like to try in today’s fashion.

4: Belts for shirts and tops

Belts for shirts and tops

Well belts are a big part of fashion accessories and you can see them being used in various outfits but at the same time, you might not use the belts used in the 2000s. You would wear a belt over a dress to cinch the waist or use a belt to tighten the pant from the waist. But here the trend was to wear jeans and a top and then wear a belt over the top. This belt would serve no pursue, there is no function of the belt, and thus would make the look weird.

5: Ponchos


Ponchos were a huge part of fashion in the 2000s. If you look closely, it is basically a blanket with a hole that can then be used to layer over your clothes. This provides some heat and warmth to the body but with the increase in its popularity, the function of the poncho declined to a mere accessory, where people would have to see through ponchos just to add layer and color to the outfit. Thus now this is one of the many items of the 2000s that would not be back in trend.


There are so many trends that are going to be in the fashion industry that you can look forward to and style up yourself with it. But when it comes to certain elements in the fashion industry, they might not be the right choice for people in this generation. These were famous in the early 2000s and just let them be there. No need to try and bring them back into the industry. Work on your style, get inspiration from around the world, a variety of styles, and then create your outfits. Wear the ones that make you feel good and confident. Might even create your own style by mixing and matching different elements together.

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