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Fashion trends that feel irrelevant and their best alternatives

Fashion trends that feel irrelevant and their best alternatives

Fashion has no rules, every person has the freedom to dress in a way they like or feel the most confident in. everybody has a different taste and style when it comes to fashion, some like to keep it all comfy and casual, some like to keep it all chic, modern, and trendy. Nothing can beat the confidence you feel in outfits you are most passionate about, no matter if they are ‘in’ or ‘out’. As much as we like the idea of owning such pieces and wearing them on repeat, there’s also no harm in keeping an eye on fashion articles that are having a moment and adding them to the wardrobe if they cater to your personal style. Just because you don’t believe in keeping up with the latest trends, it doesn’t mean you can’t purchase items that are having a fashion moment.

That said, there are a couple of trends that have become a bit irrelevant now, and it will hardly matter if we retire them and replace them with something new and trendy. Ahead, we have rounded up a list of trends that are no longer serving any purpose and what to buy instead as their replacement.

Irrelevant trend: Backless loafers
What to buy instead: Block-heel loafers

Loafers are one of the best kinds of footwear you can have in your closet. A lot of brands and designers released this footwear in a variety of iterations, and while the backless loafers definitely had a fashion moment, they have started to feel irrelevant now, not to mention impractical. Block-heel loafers, on the other hand, are a more practical version. They look aesthetic and polished, and the block-heel added to these loafers makes them super comfortable to walk in. You can pair block-heel loafers with almost every outfit.

Irrelevant trend: Micro bags
What to buy instead: Oversize carryalls

To be honest, we have never really understood the concept of micro bags that cannot even carry a phone, let alone other things. They aren’t worth the investment, hence, it’s best to retire them and purchase a bag that comes with enough room to carry essentials. That’s where oversize carryalls come into the picture, they are practical and definitely worth the investment. You can spot these macro-bags in a myriad of stylish versions on the market.

Irrelevant trend: Sharp shoulders
What to buy instead: Vegan leather tops and blazers

Blazers with voluminous shoulders pads were one of the most popular trends in the 80s, such blazers with sharp shoulders definitely had their moment in the spotlight, but now they don’t feel as relevant as they did earlier. Vegan leather is the current talk of the town, and it has taken the fashion world by storm. Getting the luxe feel of leather at a much lesser price, that too in a vegan form is one of the best inventions in fashion history.

Irrelevant trend: Lucite earrings
What to buy instead: Wooden jewelry

There was a time when Lucite earrings were everywhere and everyone talked about this trend, but they seem to have lost their charm now. Lucite earrings are not the most elevated form of jewelry, and wooden jewelry is here to prove the same. Wooden jewelry lends an interesting twist to the look without looking extra or out-there.

Irrelevant trend: Animal print slip skirt
What to buy instead: Versatile slacks

As much as we like the concept of animal-print slip skirts, spotting them on our insta feeds n number of times has made us get over them. While these printed slip skirts look quite chic and sexy, they have started to feel a bit irrelevant now, all thanks to the endless number of pictures we spotted on insta that involved a slip skirt in animal print. The best alternative to these animal-print slip skirts has to be a pair of versatile trousers. They can literally make you feel good and put-together in an instant.