Fine jewelry trends fashion girls are obsessing over right now

Jewelry in any form can look exquisite and ethereal based on how you choose to carry it, but there’s something very alluring and remarkable about fine jewelry that it always manages to add wow factor and a sense of sophistication to any look. That said, investing in fine jewelry is definitely a great deal. Whether you are purchasing it for the very first time or nth time, fine jewelry can be a worthy investment given its hefty price and longevity.

Much like any other fashion article, fine jewelry also witnesses the arrival of new trends and the departure of old or outdated trends, and this year was no different. There are a couple of fine jewelry trends that are bubbling up at the moment, and the fashion lot has been showing keen interest in the said pieces.

Since purchasing fine jewelry is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, you should weigh all the factors, including the current trends. Having said that, we have rounded up a list of some fine jewelry trends that have piqued the interest of the fashion lot and are expected to be everywhere this year.


Logo jewelry

The fashion lot, especially the younger generation, seemed to have formed a soft spot for logo jewelry. Logo jewelry is a more affordable alternative to fine jewelry; several reputed brands have come up with their lines of branded jewelry featuring their respective logos. While these jewelry pieces aren’t necessarily affordable, they definitely cost much lesser than fine jewelry pieces dripping with diamonds. From rings and earrings to bracelets and necklaces, you can spot this jewelry in various iterations.

Links overload

A chain is one of the classic forms of jewelry that has been around for a long time. Sometimes it is in the headlines, and sometimes it’s not. What makes chains a chain is the links that help give them an elevated appearance. Link jewelry is one of the latest talks of the town; it looks incredibly chic and fashion-forward in any form. From different colors and weights to styles and sizes, you can spot link jewelry in a myriad of versions, pick the one that speaks to you. You can easily make a statement or dress up your outfits with link jewelry.


A pop of purple

Purple hue has many fans, and we are sure about that. It is a beautiful and striking shade that can easily draw attention and add a sense of elegance or sophistication to the look. After making it big in the clothing department, this shade has jumped on to the jewelry department as well. Jewelry pieces featuring purple hues are bubbling up at the moment, and they are expected to be a huge deal in the coming months.


Heavy stacking

Stacking different jewelry pieces together is an excellent way to add a fun and playful element to the look, and at the same time, it allows you to play around with different elements and combinations. This stackability isn’t just restricted to your necklaces, you can also stack your bracelets and rings of different sizes and shapes to create the perfect look. Basically, the more, the merrier!!


Pretty pearls

Pearls are timeless, and they will continue to be a vital part of our lives for years to come. Pearls in any form manage to look simply beautiful; you don’t really need any other piece of jewelry to make your pearls shine. While large baroque pearls are an incredible way to make a strong and chic statement, tiny and round pearls, on the other hand, look ethereal and lend a sophisticated and feminine vibe to the look.

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