Flawless And Glowy Foundation Tips For The Dry Winter Skin

Dry skin beauties can face a hard time while blending foundation during winter!
We all love the winter glow and naturally pink cheeks during the season but let’s admit blending foundation during the season is fighting tooth and nail to achieve the perfect base.
We are sure you’re also suffering from the same concern and that’s what brought you here! And, while you’re here, you’ll surely find the best solution.
In this feed, we have compiled a few easy tricks that will help you achieve an impeccable base this winter season. If you want to know what are those tricks, read till the end!

Using An Oil Based Serum At The Night

To have hydrated skin in the morning it’s really important to use an oil-based serum in the night.
Why oil-based? An oil-based serum will hydrate your skin and nourish your skin to the deepest. During winter hydration is the key to make the skin healthy and glowy and for that oil-based serum is a must.
Whatever skin treatment serum you use, make sure the consistency is oil-based and non-comedogenic so, that you’ll wake up with a perfect skin ready to blend everything.

Moisturize Your Face

Moisturization is the step during winter you just can’t dare to skip. We believe applying a cream just before applying a foundation is just not enough rather regularly applying a hydrating cream will show results.
Always remember this, you can’t just skip a moisturizer. Applying a hydrating cream twice a day is really important. Not only moisturizer provides hydration to your skin but also increases the natural healing process of the skin.
Before applying makeup, apply a thick layer of hydrating cream and let it sink into the skin properly before putting in anything extra.

Pick The Correct Formulation

Nothing flakes more than applying the wrong foundation formulation. Any skin type during winter should stick to cream-based or liquid-based formulation that blends into the skin nicely.
Liquid and cream based foundations quench the thirst of dehydrated skin and thus you won’t face any difficulty while blending these out.
However, if you don’t like dewy foundations you can set it with powder to achieve the perfect finishing look.
If you’re an oily skin opt for a light-weight liquid foundation as the heavy cream-based foundation might clog the pores.

Mix Moisturizer With The Foundation

When you’re applying foundation you can mix moisturizer and that will help it to blend properly.
And, in that way you don’t have to buy light-weight foundations or cream-based foundations. It’s even great if you want to make your liquid foundation more liquidy.
Trust us by doing this you will see your foundation melting into the skin like butter.
• All you have to do is take one pump of foundation or whatever you use and add a few drops of moisturizer to it. Mix well and apply it all over the face and on your neck too. Use a damp beauty blender to blend and voila! It’s done without even feeling as if you’re applying it in the winter.

Avoid Using Powder

We know we told you earlier in the feed to use powder to make your face less patchy but that is when you don’t like a dewy finish.
Else, avoid using powder during the season as much as you can.

So, these are a few tricks that will help you to blend foundation into your skin effortlessly and you won’t face any hard times in blending out the foundation. Also, these tips will help in making your foundation look not so patchy.
We hope the feed turns out to be a great help and the information serves your purpose.

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