Foundation mistakes you’re making unknowingly and how to fix them

Applying makeup is an art, and it takes years of practice and learning to become an absolute pro at applying makeup. The key to flaunting flawless makeup is creating the perfect base, and your foundation plays a crucial role here. Not creating the right base can lead to your makeup looking cakey and streaky. No matter how the rest of your makeup looks, if you haven’t got your base right, all that effort you put into doing your eye makeup or creating the perfect pout is for nothing.
It doesn’t take much to create a flawless and natural-looking base, with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can use your foundation correctly without making it look cakey. While nobody wants their foundation or the base makeup to look odd, some people end up making certain mistakes unknowingly, and that can easily make your skin look matured and tired. We have put together a list of some common foundation mistakes and what you can do to fix them.

Applying foundation on your face with fingers

Although there’s nothing wrong with using your fingers to apply foundation on the face, it most definitely isn’t the most ideal way to create a flawless and natural-looking base. While this might be the quickest way to apply foundation, when not applied correctly, it can leave behind harsh lines on the skin. Additionally, this application technique can make your base makeup look streaky and blotchy, therefore, avoid using your fingers and use a damp makeup sponge instead as it blends the foundation seamlessly into the skin and makes it look even.

Skipped applying foundation on your neck

Forgetting to apply foundation on your neck or doing it on purpose doesn’t do any good to your base makeup. You should always apply some foundation on your neck when wearing makeup, especially if you are using a full coverage foundation. Since your neck is slightly lighter than your face, not applying the foundation on the neck will create a demarcation between the tone of your neck and face.

Applying foundation right after using a moisturizer

Applying the foundation on your face right after you have used a moisturizer results in streaky makeup. The only way to make sure that your base makeup looks streak-free and natural is by giving your moisturizer some time to seep into your skin. After ensuring that the moisturizer has been absorbed into the skin, you can apply the foundation on your face.

You are using the wrong formula

One of the main keys to having a flawless and natural-looking base is using your foundation in the right formula. Using the wrong formula will only result in a cakey or streaky application, therefore, it’s imperative to pick foundation in the right formula according to your skin type and its needs. For instance, if you have oily skin, it might seem like a powder foundation is the right choice, but that’s not the case. Powder foundations can dry out the skin, making the base look chalky and unnatural, therefore, you should opt for a matte foundation instead, and don’t forget to set the foundation in place with your compact powder.

Wearing concealer before foundation

Concealer comes after foundation, and if you have been doing it the opposite way, you have been doing it wrong all this while. The purpose of using concealer is to conceal the imperfections on your face. It helps in providing extra coverage when your foundation fails to conceal the problematic areas perfectly. Therefore, always apply your foundation first, and then correct the flaws like dark circles, pigmentation, blemishes, acne, etc. with the help of your concealer.

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