French style secrets for winter fashion

French women are greatly known for their impeccable taste in fashion, and that can easily be deduced from the way they style their outfits that exude an effortless yet incredibly chic vibe. When it comes to styling winter outfits, the lack of proper styling can make them look repetitive and mundane, and that’s not how we want our outfits to look. While every person has a different sense of style and approach when it comes to styling their outfits, we have a couple of French style secrets that will never fail you and make you look your absolute best every single time, no matter the occasion.
Whether you’re dressing for an important event or just looking forward to styling your everyday outfit, you can swear by these French styling tips that have been gathered from the internet just for you. Read on to learn about some really amazing French style secrets.

Throw a blazer on the top

Blazer is an ultimate wardrobe staple; you can never go wrong with this piece. Considering how versatile blazers are, you can style them in a plethora of ways that can vary from casual and semi-casual to a formal and polished look. From dresses and skirts to pants and shorts, you can literally wear them with everything. And when it comes to picking the color of a blazer, a black blazer would always remain the safest and chicest best as they can make any outfit look more elevated and chicer in an instant. Whether it’s an oversized blazer or a tailored one, either of the two would make for a great addition to the wardrobe.

Smaller the bags, the better

Bags are a crucial part of any ensemble. They lend a sense of sophistication and completeness to the outfit; however, it’s also quite easy to go wrong with this piece of accessory. Bags come in all sizes, colors, patterns, and styles, but when it comes to making your outfit look more put together and effortlessly chic, you shouldn’t carry a huge bag with your outfit, a smaller bag would look sexier than any other bag. Unless you are heading to a beach or the market, you can stick to carrying around a small and chic bag with all your outfits.

When in doubt, go for an oversize clothing piece

Oversized clothing articles are some of the most underrated fashion pieces. When styled correctly, they look chicer and more forward than any other clothing piece in your wardrobe. In addition to lending a sense of elegance and chic vibe to the outfit, oversized clothing also feels quite comfortable, therefore, if you want your outfits to feel comfortable with a hint of chicness to it, oversized clothing pieces like sweaters, blouses, and even jeans would make for an excellent purchase.

Trade heels for sneakers

While French girls take their fashion game pretty seriously, they also like to keep things low-key, keeping comfort in their minds. In America, fashion girls are more into heels, and while they do look pretty stylish and feminine, sometimes, they can feel over the top too. French girls also believe that less is always more, hence, instead of going all fancy-schmancy with your high heels, opt for comfy and trendy or classic sneakers to add a nonchalant vibe to your outfit.

Don your cardigan as a top

This grandma trend has been doing rounds on social media for quite some time now. The easiest way to make this trend look more modern and current is by sporting it as a top with bottoms like jeans, shorts, and skirts. While cardigans do come in a cropped version, if you have a regular-sized cardigan with you, you can work your way with it by tucking it into your bottoms, and this little tweak would instantly make it look more elevated. Additionally, you can wear a turtleneck or lace bra underneath your cardigan to give it a feminine and vintage look.

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