Fresh and fabulous ways to wear leggings in 2021

Leggings are arguably one of the comfiest pieces of clothing every woman could have in her wardrobe. Some women just cannot do without their leggings, they can literally live in them, and if you are one of those women, then you might find this article worth a read.

Given their versatility and easy styling, leggings can be sported in a multitude of fabulous ways. These stretchy pants have been helping us serve different looks for a long time; this year shall be no different. However, unlike previous years, legging outfits this year could use a little bit of spice, and that’s what we are going to discuss today. Leggings can be styled in a plethora of ways, but there are a couple of pieces that look especially chic with them at the moment. Although there are a bunch of cool items that can be paired with leggings, the pieces in question hold the ability to make leggings look particularly forward and elevated.

Listed below are a couple of pieces you can pair with leggings in 2021 for a forward and elevated feel.


Blazer might not be the first thing to come to your mind when it comes to styling your leggings, but you can totally rock a modern blazer with your stretchy pants. A blazer is a great way to lend a sense of sophistication and modernity to the outfit effortlessly. A blazer can make any outfit look more put-together and elevated in an instant. A black blazer is probably your best bet; you can pick it in a well-fitted or oversize silhouette.

Chunky flat boots

Chunky flat boots are one of the hottest trends of the season; they are a key shoe silhouette at the moment. These chunky flat boots not only look fantastic with jeans and skirts but also pair up well with something as simple and basic as leggings. One of the easiest ways to make your leggings appear forward and chic is by tucking them inside the boots. The boots will lend a cool and edgy flair to the outfit.

Sweater vest

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to make your leggings feel elevated, slipping into something as basic yet trendy as a sweater vest will instantly transform the look and make you look from drab to fab. A sweater vest doesn’t necessarily dress up your leggings, but it definitely levels up your fashion game and makes your ensemble look interesting and stylish. If you want to keep the vibe of your outfit all comfy and casual, then you should sport your sweater vest over a tee.

Longline coat

The easiest way to take your leggings outfit to the next level is by pairing it with a longline coat. A coat can make the entire outfit look spruced up and elevated in an instant, it helps to tie the whole look together. If you want to add a hint of spice and a sophisticated feel to your outfit, then you should look no further than a maxi coat or duster coat to do the trick.

A white shirt

You can never go wrong with a basic white shirt; it is a fail-safe and timeless option when it comes to styling your leggings. A white shirt is a perfect option for those who want their legging outfit to appear simple yet streamlined; it is probably one of the most effortless and forward ways to style your leggings. Additionally, when it comes to picking a white button-down blouse, you should opt for an oversize version. You can further accessorize the look with a pair of heels or shoes and some jewelry for a forward look.

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