Good reasons to include a cuticle oil in your beauty routine

Pretty nails make your hands look even prettier, but the lack of care and attention can make your nails brittle and dry over time. It doesn’t take a lot of work to keep your nails strong and healthy, you just need to follow the right steps and do the right thing when it comes to your nail care routine. Adopting good habits like not chipping your nail polish, removing the nail polish with a nail polish remover, and filing your nails the right way can definitely help you to transform your nail game.

Another great way to promote healthy nails is by using a cuticle oil. Every woman should have a bottle of cuticle oil stashed in her vanity, this one product comes in super handy, and it helps to deal with issues like split nails, dry and peeling cuticle, and brittle nails, but one should use it regularly to achieve the desired results. Cuticle oil can actually work wonders for your nails, it is like a magic potion that offers a superior level of protection to your nails and helps to keep them nourished and healthy. But this isn’t the only way a cuticle oil benefits your nails, it can help your nails in so many other ways as well.
We have jotted down a list of some reasons to include a cuticle oil in your beauty routine.


Repairs damaged nails

Constantly getting manicures without any break doesn’t give your nails a chance to breathe freely. Additional factors like biting your nails, keeping your nails painted all the time, etc. put your nails under so much stress, which in turn, results in nail damage. Damaged nails become brittle over time, one of the best ways to give your nails a new lease of life is by using a cuticle oil. Massaging the oil onto your nails improves blood circulation, which accelerates the repairing process.


Delivers moisture to dry cuticles

Cuticle oil is essentially a mixture of nourishing oils that helps to offer moisture to dry and damaged cuticles. Dry and damaged cuticles make it easier for pollutants and other impurities to penetrate your nails and the skin around them, which makes your nails more prone to breakage. One of the best and easiest ways to tackle dry nails is by applying a tiny amount of cuticle oil to your cuticles each time after washing your hands. You can also use your nail and hand cream to seal the moisture in your cuticles.


Promotes rapid nail growth

Does your nail take forever to grow? Fret not; we have got an easy solution to this problem. Most cuticle oils are composed of vegetable oils and vitamins, applying cuticle oil regularly on your nails helps to boost blood circulation and also increase the cell turnover in that particular area. The improved blood circulation aids in the quick repairing of damaged nails, which in turn, promotes nail growth. Additionally, regular application of cuticle oil will make your nails healthy and strong, thereby encouraging healthy nail growth.


Prevents your nails from chipping

Cuticle oil not only helps to promote healthy nail growth but also makes your nails stronger. Using a cuticle oil regularly is one of the easiest ways to strengthen your nails. Apart from that, a cuticle oil offers extra shine and luster to your nails and keeps them from chipping. In addition to applying a cuticle oil to your nails, you can apply a coat of nail hardener for more effective results. Swearing by this pairing of a cuticle oil and nail hardener will help you kiss brittle nails goodbye once and for all.

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