Gorgeous eye makeup to wear with a face mask

Never in our wildest dreams did we think that a day would come where a pandemic would cause the whole world to stop functioning, and we would be coerced to stay inside of our homes not just for days but months. This pandemic was certainly an eye-opener for a lot of us, and it taught us a myriad of enlightening things that have changed the way we lead our lives and have made a huge impact on our lifestyle choices.
Masks are one of the most important additions to this new, normal routine. Till the time the experts don’t come with an effective and reliable cure, these masks are our only chance at containing the spread and keep ourselves as well as others as safe as possible. Given, not wearing a mask is just not an option; it would only make sense to make a few tweaks to our makeup routine. Since masks end up covering the whole area around your mouth, eyes are your only chance at adding some visual interest to your look. The makeup trends this year mostly revolve around eye makeup as it can help to draw viewers’ attention quite easily.
Listed below are some of the best eye makeup trends that will look incredibly stunning with a mask.

False lashes

The easiest way to add extra drama and oomph to your eye makeup is by wearing false lashes. Although they are an occasional makeup item, you will find yourself wearing these falsies more often with face masks as they can accentuate your eyes and make them look more dramatic. The key to rocking falsies in the best way is to wear them according to your eye makeup. If the makeup is minimal, opt for dense lashes, and if the eye makeup is a bit dramatic and extra, stick to using fluttery lashes to balance out the look.

Match your eye makeup with your face mask

If you are looking to play up your eyes, the easiest way to do so is by matching your eye makeup with your face mask. This matchy-matchy trend has already been gaining popularity amongst celebrities and makeup junkies. This is your chance to show how creative you can get with your eye makeup, so grab your favorite face mask and create an eye makeup look that complements your mask.

Barely there eyeshadow

You don’t always have to keep your eye makeup extra or OTT, keeping things subtle yet captivating will also manage to draw viewers’ attention. On days when you want to keep your makeup light, you can choose to do your eye makeup this way. Pick a shade from the palette that is one shade darker than your skin tone, apply it over your lids and finish off the look by grooming and defining your brows with a brow pencil. You can also coat your lashes with a volumizing mascara to make your eyes look wide open.

Feathered brows

This is yet another simplest way to draw viewers’ attention towards your eyes. In order to get your makeup to look impactful, you don’t have to keep the liner thick or keep your brows bold; keeping the brows natural will look equally amazing. Feathered brows have the ability to make an impact on their own, you just need to brush with the help of a spoolie and a clear brow gel in upwards and outwards direction.

Subtle smokey eyes

If you are looking to make a statement with your eye makeup, a smokey eye is possibly your best bet. Instead of using the typical black color, use cool-toned brown or taupe to create the oh-so-stunning smokey eye. Also, make sure to groom your brows and coat your lashes with volumizing mascara for that extra drama.

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