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Guide to dress up according to the body type

Guide to dress up according to the body type

Body type is nothing but the way your body structure is. Body type means your body silhouette. It is important to know what body type your body falls under as it can help you get to know a lot about what type of clothes looks best on that particular body type. Sometimes you go and try certain clothes that look amazing on the mannequin but do not look that good when worn. This does not mean that something is wrong with your body. This means that the dress is not suitable for your body type.

If you want to know about different body types and how to style them, then look at the list
below and get to know what suits your body type the most.

1: Apple body type

Apple body type is the one where the upper body is usually heavier than the lower body. The main features of this body type are broad shoulders and a heavier middle section. The fat accumulates in the upper body more than in the lower body. You should try and wear clothes that highlight your legs and makes your silhouette look even. Deep neck or V-neck tops, A-lined dresses. Play with prints and patterns so that you can create the focus on the highlighted areas. You can go for wide, flared jeans and pants. Wear sleeved dresses and tops. Avoid wearing waist belts as they may not flatter your body and can ruin the outfit.

2: Hourglass body type

This type of body silhouette is the one that is the most proportionate one. This body type has a balanced upper and lower body with a defined waist. People having this body type should go with clothes that accentuate the curves and their defined waist. Get dresses that highlight the waist such as some bodycon or a flowy dress that collects at the waist. You can wear a waist belt so as to get focused on the waist. You can wear high-waisted as well as low-waisted bottoms as both look great on this body type. Try wearing body-hugging clothes.

3: Rectangle body type

The rectangle body type is the one that has balanced shoulders and hips and does not have a defined waist. More likely the shoulder, hip, and waist are almost of the same ratio. Styling for this body type is not difficult. Try wearing ruffed tops and layer different clothes. Such as you can wear a sleeveless top and pair it up with a blazer or some jacket. For your lower body go for A-line skirts or some flared pants. You can wear a bodycon and other dresses as well.

4: Pear body type

This body type has a wider lower body in comparison to the upper body. Many celebrities are now going for this kind of body type and are trying to achieve it through various workouts. This body type has wider hips and thick thighs as compared to the waist and shoulders. You can create an illusion of an hourglass figure by wearing loose tops and blouses and well-fit pants or denim. All you have to do is create a balance between the upper and lower body. Try wearing A-line clothes or fit tops with wide-length jeans and pants, create some focus on your upper body by wearing ruffles or V-neck.

5: Inverted triangle body type

This type of body type is usually common in athletes. In this body type, the shoulders are the widest part of the body in comparison to the waist and hips. This type requires focus to be shifted on the lower body and therefore you should try wearing clothes that bring out your best features. Wear some skirts and skin-fit jeans and you can pair them up with any top. Just make sure to not add layers or ruffles or heavy sleeves.

Now that you know what will go well with your body type, you can incorporate those types of clothing into your style. Knowing your body type does not mean that you cannot wear certain clothes, it means that now that you know what goes well on your body, you can get those and make your silhouette even more good-looking. This way you can enhance your style and make sure that the outfit elevates your beauty. You can always wear whatever you feel confident in irrespective of your body type.