Guide to Smart Casual Style

Smart casual is a popular fashion style that lies between the spectrum of casual and formal. This style is more casual and is less than normal formal wear. You can wear this style when you are going to work. This style is all about mixing casual attires with formal ones and creating a nice overall look with them. This is the one kind of style that stays between more than sweatpants or jeans and tees and less than suits and formal dresses. There are so many events and occasions where you can style up and pair clothes together and create a nice smart casual outfit. Look at the list below to know more about the things that you can wear when you are planning on styling up in smart casual.

Guide to Smart Casual Style

1: Jumpsuits


Jumpsuits are easily the ideal smart-casual outfit that you can style up for yourself. There are several kinds of jumpsuits that you can go with when you are dressing up for this style. There are many jumpsuits that can be styled in this smart casual style. You can go with the straight pants jumpsuit or can go with the wide pants one. You can wear it to work, you can go to a party in this and can even style one for a wedding.

2: Blazer and short set

Blazer and short set

There are many kinds of matching sets that are trendy nowadays. One of the many kinds is the set that has a matching blazer and shorts or skirt. This is a cute set that you can pair with a tank top, crop top, or a satin blouse. You can make it as dressy as you want or can make it as formal as you want to. Pair this set with some nice heels and you are ready for the day. You can wear it to work or semi-formal events as well.

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3: Button down


Buttondown is that one piece of clothing that can be styled in various fashion aesthetics and styles. You can pair it with different kinds of clothes and create several looks. Button downs can go from going casual to dressy to formal, all depending on the way you style them and pair them with other clothes. Here you can create a nice look by pairing the button-down with pants, trousers, and even jeans. You can also pair them with skirts and accessorize the look.

4: Wide pants

Wide pants

If you want to create an outfit where the look is more than casual but less than formal then you can get yourself some cute wide pants. These pants are great and can go with a lot of different kinds of tops. You can pair a crop top and a blazer for a more formal look or can go for a sweet and simple look with a nice top to pair the pants with. You can style them up with different tops and footwear for the look.

5: Midi skirts

Midi skirts

Midi skirts are popular along with other kinds of skirts and this skirt is the one that you can wear when you are looking for something trendy, stylish, and elegant at the same time. You can style this skirt in a very cute manner. You can pair this with a nice button-down or can go with a cute blouse and accessorize the look with a belt and other accessories. You can wear heels and boots alone with the skirt to enhance the whole look. Style this wonderful dress in several ways and create cute smart casual styles.


There are so many styles and aesthetics that you can look for and style yourself in. you can go with this smart-casual style that is mentioned above in the list and be ready for all the semi-formal and more than casual events. There are so many options in this style that can be paired and that can create different looks. This style helps you be creative by mixing and matching different casual clothes and formal and dressy clothes together to make an amazing look. You need to look for outfits that balance everything and make you look elegant and chic. Make sure that the clothes are to your liking and that you feel comfortable in them.

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