Hair conditioning mistakes every girl should avoid making

Conditioner is one of the many hair products that are an indispensable part of our hair care routine. The thing about the conditioner is when it is used correctly, it can deliver some really amazing results, however, when used incorrectly, it will make little to zero difference to your hair. While using a conditioner isn’t as complicated as it seems, some women have a hard time using this product correctly, and that could be because of a lack of knowledge about this product. The primary purpose of a hair conditioner is to make your hair appear more hydrated, manageable, and frizz-free, but if it is failing to do so in your case, chances are you are doing something wrong, and that needs to be corrected if you want your conditioner to work for you.

We don’t realize it, but most women unintentionally end up making some mistakes while conditioning their hair, and that’s the reason why their hair doesn’t look half as good as it looks after a fresh blowout session at a salon. The incorrect use of conditioner can lead to unmanageable and flat hair, and if you don’t want to end up with such hair, then make sure to avoid the following conditioning mistakes the next time you wash your hair.


Not picking the product based on your hair’s needs

When it comes to picking a conditioner, you should always buy it according to your hair’s needs. While the main purpose of a hair conditioner is to keep your locks hydrated, it can offer protection from external factors as well such as sunlight, heat styling tools, and pollution. Pick a product that meets all your requirements and addresses your hair’s individual needs.


Taking too much product

Excess of anything can be harmful, even if it’s a hair conditioner. When it comes to beauty products, you should always take the products in the right proportion, not too much, not too little. Similarly, you should always take your conditioner in proportion as you are instructed on the back of the bottle. Ideally, a pea-sized amount of conditioner is more than enough for short to medium-length hair. Women with long hair can double the amount to distribute the product evenly. Also, you should leave the product on your hair for about 5 minutes before rinsing it with cold water.


Putting it on your scalp

Conditioner is only meant for your tresses, not for your scalp, hence there’s no point in applying this product to your scalp. Considering your scalp doesn’t need an extra dose of hydration as it can manage to keep itself hydrated on its own, you should stick to applying conditioner to the ends and the lengths of your hair. The ends of your hair receive the least amount of hydration, hence pay extra attention to the tips of your mane.


Using a conditioner from a different range

Your conditioners work the best when they belong to the same range as your shampoo. Using both the products from different ranges won’t make much difference to your hair; both of them should be of the same range for them to work effectively for your hair. You can either opt for a shampoo + conditioner combo or you can purchase personalized products that are formulated keeping your hair type, its different needs, preferences, and expected results in mind.


Skipping conditioner altogether

Not using conditioner post hair wash is one of the biggest beauty sins. Just like your skin needs its daily dose of moisture to stay hydrated, your hair also requires a dose of moisture in the form of conditioning. Skipping conditioner is just out of question, therefore, you should use your conditioner after every hair wash to deliver an intense level of moisture to your locks.

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