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Hair Protection Strategies for Heat Styling Equipment

Hair Protection Strategies for Heat Styling Equipment

Do you know? Heat styling equipment not only damages your cuticles but can have a harmful effect on your health after continuous use of these hair styling devices. When it comes to looking gorgeous or wanting a party-type look for Saturday Night, hair styling equipment is the main and significant thing that comes to mind to manage and style your hair. And of course, the way you style your hair also depicts the personality that you hold. Let’s take an example of a high ponytail, it portrays a confident and sassy girl within you. Moreover, before styling your hair with the heat equipment you should know how to prevent hair damage. Listing down must-follow hair protection strategies to protect your hair from getting damaged or frizzy.

How to Shield Your Hair from Heat While Using Heat Styling Equipment

1. Use Heat protectant

Use Heat protectant

There are various heat-protecting sprays or serums that are available in the market or on online apps as a solution for your hair protection. You may spray or apply the protectant evenly on your hair before using any heat styling tool. These tools act as a barrier between heat and your hair, protecting the cuticles from getting damaged. Be more careful on applying the protectant on the ends of your hair as they have the highest chance of getting damaged or causing split ends.

2. Be specific for high-quality tools

Be specific for high-quality tools

Low-cost or non-branded tools do not actually have the potential to protect your hair from damage and are just advertised for their profit and money. Instead, use high-quality tools as they are made with high technology and spread the heat more evenly to your hair without making a hot spot that can cause damage to your hair. They have a consistent temperature that does not heat up without adjusting the temperature on their own, unlike the low-quality heat tools.

3. Adjust the Heat Setting

Adjust the Heat Setting

While using a hair heating tool you are also required to know that you should always adjust the temperature of the tools according to your hair type. Always remember to set the temperature to the lowest for a thin hair type or while using it for the first time. However, you can increase the heat temperature for thick or coarse hair. But for a reminder, do not have access to it. This can lead to long-term hair damage or hair loss in more severe conditions.

4. Limit the Heat Exposure

Limit the Heat Exposure

Minimize the frequency of using hair styling tools. If you have to use them on a daily basis or frequently then always set the temperature to the lowest and apply or spray hair heat protectant evenly on your hair to protect them from hair damage or hair loss. The heat from these hair styling tools damages the cuticles (the topmost layer) of your hair and restricts hair growth also resulting in hair loss or hair damage.

5. Overheating or Blow-drying

Overheating or Blow-drying

Do not overheat your hair or repeat heating on the same section of your hair otherwise, this can lead to a frizz and damaged hair of yours. Move the tool smoothly and evenly all over your hair. Also, be cautious while using a hairdryer and use a diffuser attachment to disperse the heat and reduce direct exposure to heat on your hair.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion of this article, you will understand the things you should follow while using heating hair tools such as a straightener, curler, or a hair-dryer. Always remember, excess heating of your hair can lead to long-term hair breakage, split ends, and hair fall and also may have an effect on your health in worse conditions. However, if you ever see hair damage or excess loss of hair, consult a professional stylist for better treatment and health of your hair. Moreover, for better and healthier hair growth, you should have a proper diet intake that will eventually lead you to strong and healthy frizz-free hair.