Hairstyles that look incredibly chic on women with oval shaped faces

When we dress ourselves according to our body type, the result is always far better than the one when we choose to dress in any random way. Your hairstyles work pretty much in a similar way. Every person is blessed with different face shapes, some are blessed with the square face shape and some are blessed with the oval face shape. If you happen to belong to the latter category, lucky for you, this article is just meant for you.
It is a very well known fact that oval face shape of all shapes is the most versatile one. Pretty much every hairstyle looks good on oval face shape, considering how symmetrical this face shape is. However, an essential thing to keep in mind is to pick only those hairstyles that don’t elongate your face any further. While there’s no hairstyle an oval face shape cannot rock, we thought of highlighting some of the key hairstyles that help in enhancing the best features.

Messy top knot

Whether you are heading out to run some errands or just going for a casual outing with your girls, the messy top knot is arguably one of the chicest hairstyles to try out. If you have got pretty long hair, styling it can be a bit of a hassle, but a messy top knot will always come to save the day. Just throw your hair up in a messy top knot, and there you have your effortless yet stylish hairstyle. You can also frame your face by letting loose a few tendrils. Despite being so effortless and easy-breezy hairstyle, it will manage to enhance your best facial features.

Side-swept waves

If you want your hair to look more glamorous and diva-like, doing your hair in side-swept waves would probably be your best bet. Whether it’s a date night or heading to a formal event, side-swept waves would manage to add a hint of glamour as well as a bit of drama to your look. Adding soft curls or waves to your hair would instantly draw the attention to your best facial features, making your face shape look more enhanced. Also, instead of parting your hair from the center, go for a side parting instead as it doesn’t draw unnecessary attention to the forehead.

Classic loose braid

You can’t really go wrong with the classic loose braid. It is easily one of the most flattering and best hairstyles out there that can look effortlessly chic and stylish. Instead of keeping the braid pulled-tightly, keep it a little looser to add a sense of glam and chic vibe to the look. This hairstyle especially looks amazing with dresses; you can also let loose a few face-framing tendrils to spruce up the look.

Sleek and straight hair

If you want to keep things a bit simple yet want it to look eye-catching, you should probably opt for sleek and straight hair. This hairstyle looks quite effortless yet chic, and it’s also easy to create. Just make sure to apply some hair serum to your tresses to keep them from looking dull and lifeless. If you don’t already have straight hair, you can straighten your mane using a straightener to achieve sleek and straight locks.

Braided bun

This is yet another excellent option for when attending a formal event such as weddings. If a simple bun doesn’t look very flattering to you, you can take the hairstyle up a notch by adding braids on the crown area and finally pulling them together to create an elegant low bun. This hairstyle looks especially flattering on oval face shape; you will surely be earning a few compliments for doing your hair in such a way.

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