Hairstyles you can wear on the day of your interview

Hairstyles play a huge part in our overall appearance, hence, they should never be taken for granted as they can easily make or break the look. And when it’s an interview you are heading to, you certainly don’t want to go wrong with your hair. Attending an interview is a huge deal, especially when it’s your dream company, and you don’t want to do anything wrong that will ruin your chances of getting selected. While skills and qualifications matter the most, your overall appearance and attitude can also make a huge difference. Therefore, aside from paying some extra attention to your outfit and makeup, you should also divert some attention to your hair and do it in a way that looks elegant and appropriate.
The hairstyle you have chosen can easily make or break the first impression; therefore, it’s imperative that you only pick the right hairstyle while heading to an interview. We have rounded up a list of 5 hairstyles that look interview-appropriate and will you help presentable, no matter your age or face shape.

Pretty ponytail

This classic hairstyle is a fail-safe choice for women of any age, and it looks flattering on every face shape. And our only objective of adding the term pretty before ponytail is to keep this hairstyle sleek, simple, and presentable and not to add some kind of accessories to it. Ponytails are incredibly versatile; they work for every kind of occasion and also holds the ability to add some interest to your look. If you are worried about flyaways, you can tame them with the help of a setting spray or hair gel.

Sleek, straight hair

Another great option you can consider for your interview is super sleek, straight hair. You can never go wrong with this hairstyle; it can help you look sharp and presentable in an instant. Before straightening your hair with the help of a straightener, spritz some heat protectant spray all over your mane. Keep your hair behind the shoulder to create a sharper look. This hairstyle will work with every kind of outfit, no matter if it’s a pantsuit or a formal shirt and skirt combo.

Pin your hair

If you have pretty thick hair, then it’s best to opt for a hairstyle that will keep the strands from coming on your face, and pinning your hair is one of the best ways to make it happen. After brushing your hair, part it on the one side, and then take a small section of hair from the smaller side, pin it at the back in a twisted form.

Loose curls

Hairstyles can vary depending on the designation or the company you have applied for. If you are expected to look chic and stylish yet presentable, loose curls would probably be your best bet. You can create these loose curls either with the help of your straightener or a curling rod; just make sure to keep the curls loose to make everything look effortless yet professional. Team it up with your favorite formal outfit, and you will be good to go.


Chignon might seem a bit red carpet-friendly hairstyle, but in reality, it can work incredibly well for a professional setting as well. This hairstyle will surely win you some extra brownie points for your sartorial choice and the amount of effort you put in to create this hairstyle. If you have plenty of time before the interview, you can consider going for this hairstyle. And once you are done making this hairstyle, spritzing a generous amount of hair setting spray will keep the hairstyle in place and add some shine to your mane.

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